December 2016

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Tips in looking for office renovation contractor in Singapore

Office space is an important of part of running a business. Most of the time, we fix our gaze at the services and quality of products businesses offer and we tend to forget one important aspect that can also affect the growth of the business and that is the office facilities and interiors. Yes, it is may not be included in your urgent daily concerns but business owners, at one point, must also pay attention in making improvements when it comes to their work environment.

Office renovation is not something you do every day but it involves a lot of crucial decisions which may affect the business in the long run. Thus, it is only fitting to get the best office renovation contractor to help you save money and get satisfactory results after.  Here are some of the ways on how you can get the best contractor for your office renovation needs:

Make a list of your options

In collecting the names of office renovation contractor from where you’ll get your pick, go to your reliable sources so that you can instantly filter the credible contractor and the most preferred contractors in the market. You can do this by asking referrals from your partners, other business owners, and even friends and relatives who have just availed such kind of service. Moreover, you can google them and look for their websites and the reviews about them. There are also trusted business directories uploaded where you can also check more options which you may have missed.

Look for office renovation contractor who will not ask you to pay for quotation

Yes, you can still enjoy some free services today and one of the most common services is the quotation. This way, you may also be able to estimate and compare the rates for your own office. It will help you save money while getting your preferred service.

Take your time in deciding

One good thing to remember is to act ahead of time so you won’t have to rush things and make wrong choices. Selecting and hiring the right office renovation contractor Singapore is crucial in the overall result of such endeavor.

If you are looking for best services at good price rates, you can check Marksmen Builders in Singapore as they do office renovation, hotel renovation, restaurant renovation, school renovation, and the likes.

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Home Improvement

Fantastic Ceiling Fans and Where To Find Them

What a good way to cool down a rather scorching day is to turn on a trusty ventilation appliance. It helps to improve air circulation to have that soothing breeze that everyone can enjoy. One most reliable appliance that are still frequently used to do that job is the old reliable Ceiling Fan and LG Singapore.

It has been used in the last two centuries since the 1860’s were it still uses running water to power its turbine. Not until in 1882 when a gentleman named Philip Dehl designed and applied the electric motor for sewing machines to the Ceiling Fans.

After that, many designs of ceiling fans came out and it became more than a utility. Also, It turn into a centerpiece of every room. It spawned many variants from sizes, forms, and different functionality anything that can please the eyes and the senses. There are different types of ceiling fans that depends on the usage and performance it can provide. From all of these countless designs, If a person plans to purchase one it is advisable to know them by type. These are the basic types of ceiling fan ceiling fan Singapore

The Standard Ceiling Fans in Singapore

It is the most used of all types and can be found in almost all of the establishments and homes. It is basically mounted on the ceiling with its motor connected to its metal rod and attached to its blade. With mounting brackets covering the motor, it comes with different designs.


The Low Profile

This one shorter than the standard type because its blades are more directly attached to its motor. It is often referred as “hugger fans” and it is advisable with homes or establishments with low ceilings. Others say that its air movement is not that terrific, but if a person is looking for a fan that is more “low profile” and does not consume too much space, this may be advisable to own 

The Lighted

It is a type were the aesthetics and the lighting effects it can give a room comes into play. This is a type of ceiling fan that comes with a light mounted into it. It serves as a double purpose to illuminate and improve airflow to the room it is in. It gives a little convenience to the owner to have one switch for both functionalities.

Where To Find Them

Obviously, many appliance stores offer wide range of ceiling fans for everyone to choose from. However to make it fall to the category of “fantastic”, it has to be more imaginative and artistic. It means it should do more than cooling the room ,but rather it also have to make the room look cool. Its ability to provide elegance to set the room’s atmosphere is what makes it extraordinary. Finding them is all up to the person. Make sure the store or the website contains a wide range of selection that gives a buyer freedom to balance affordability and top quality.

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The honest furniture store

There are just two things that can alter a mood in a home it would either be the people or the lights. Lighting is one of the basic things that is ever going to be there in a house and having good and adequate lighting helps in making things look great. No light or lesser light means more strain to the eyes that can cause eye problems over time; this is also true in houses with over lighting.

The real cost of lightening Singapore

Believe it or not, despite having a high cost of living, Singapore’s electricity prices aren’t actually that high compared to other countries like the Philippines. Because of this having lighting Singapore is not that costly in electricity and people took that to their advantage because people are making a lot of lighting related purchases which results to a market that has high in demand.

We understand this kind of demand and need that is why when it comes to your lighting needs and any modern furniture Singapore that are high quality but comes at a good price you can always count on us to deliver and cater to such needs.

Getting what you paid for

We know the feeling of paying for something that is not worth that amount, that is why when it comes to your furniture’s trust only the people that can deliver a product that is built on honesty. Honesty on the design and honesty on the price. How we do this? Simple we cut the middle man that gets the items, that middleman already increases the price of furniture’s and by selling to retail furniture shops, furniture shops also increases their price on furniture’s in order to make money out of it.

So we cut the middle, no middle man means lesser cost on furniture’s and means more money to save. We never focus on getting money, because it’s not about the money. It’s about art and getting profit for it is only secondary to us.modern furniture Singapore

We know what a good furniture is like because we help build one too many of it already to know what is substandard or not. You can be sure that our products are of the highest quality plus we deliver your furniture with care like every piece of it is fragile just like transporting a very expensive painting.

For order you may contact us or leave a message in our message box in the lower right hand corner of the page.

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Home Improvement

Invest on a Cooking Hood and Microwave Oven

Want to take your kitchen to the next level? Then it would be great to invest on a cooking hood and microwave oven. These have their corresponding functions to make sure you’ll whip up the most special and delicious meals every time. Complete your kitchen with these highly functional and elegant pieces. Check out their specifications and purchase your very own units from a top online shop today.

microwave oven SingaporeTake out the hassles of fumes, grease and combustions

Whether you’re a fan of specialty cookouts or you simply like to whip up the most delicious meals for your family every week or during special occasions, the cooking hood would be a great addition. Some of the best brands you may consider would be UNO and Tecno. These have their suction controls and speed buttons on the panel, to make sure you can precisely clean out your kitchen’s atmosphere.

Cook quickly, to the core of your meals

During those most hectic days, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing to go for take-out or pre packed meals every once in a while. Make sure your quick-to-cook dishes would be thoroughly cooked though. This is where a microwave oven would be highly useful. Now you can quickly put your carrots and frozen vegetables in steam mode, so they can conveniently mix with your mashed potatoes. A microwave oven simply provides more options for you to prepare meals much faster.

Buy these two appliances soon

Combine the convenient and efficient features of a microwave oven and cooking hood. They’ve got their corresponding usefulness, during the busiest and more challenging cooking sessions. For those extra spicy dishes, you can maintain your kitchen’s freshness by having a cooking hood. If you’re running out of time in preparing your meals, the microwave oven would be your perfect companion.

These two appliances should make your kitchen much easier to manage. You can even stay inspired to cook your specialty and experimental dishes, for your loved ones and guests to enjoy. Check out their specifications, rates and delivery dates at a top online shop today.

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Home Improvement

Why Get an Air Purifier and Portable Aircon?

If you’d like to increase the quality of your home or office, then it would be a great idea to get your very own sets of portable aircon and air purifier. These two appliances have their corresponding qualities to make your ambiance even more comfortable to breathe in. Check out their specifications and see how they can conveniently fit into your interiors. With no need for installation jobs, you’ll be sure to immediately have a pleasant space especially during the most hectic days and scorching summers.

air purifier in Singapore

The air purifier in Singapore

While an air purifier does not necessarily make your room much cooler, it efficiently does the job of taking out the bacteria and humid elements of your surroundings. During the dampest summers, viruses may tend to build up and lead to sicknesses. It’s a good thing a top, standard air purifier has a mesh filter in the front, multifunctional filter and other types of filters to ensure new air gets breathed out in your space.

Much faster cooling qualities of a portable aircon

During the busiest operating days in the office or even during frazzled times at home, you’ll need an appliance which can immediately deliver. This is where a portable aircon becomes quite handy. A portable aircon has been precisely made with a turbofan cooling system to ensure your environment becomes even much cozier. However while a portable aircon usually has a built in filter, an air purifier has a more specialized technology to ensure the environment stays crisp and fresh.

It’s best to have both

If you have the budget to do so, it’s always advantageous to both have a portable aircon and air purifier in your complex or home. This way, you can make sure the air stays fully clear so the portable aircon can carry out its job in fully cooling your space.

A lot of other reasons can lead to why having both a portable aircon and air purifier would be advisable for your space. Know more about their specifications and check out how they can fit right into your home or office today.

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Guidelines in Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Researching for the right vacuum cleaner is not that simple. You have to find the credible information regarding what vacuum cleaner to buy and how to maintain it. In the research process itself, there are certain variables and aspects that you have to consider. It’s the same with every criterion that you have to set up for finding an oven or the vacuum cleaner to possess.

vacuum cleaner Singapore

The following are some of the most pertinent criteria to consider for you to end up with the right vacuum cleaner:

Suction power

It goes to say that the more powerful the suction is, the better the vacuum cleaner will clean. It’s the motor size that determines the suction power. However, you have to be aware that the bigger the motor, the heavier the machine will be.

Vacuum cleaner type in Singapore

Vacuum cleaners have three different types: canister, stick, and upright vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners are intended for carpet cleaning. They have the beater bar and roller systems that can do great things on surfaces, but they don’t work well when trying to reach tight areas. Canister type is more versatile since it comes with a head attachment, which enables it to reach hard to access areas. It’s also good for hard surfaces. The portable stick vacuum cleaners are great for those areas that hard to reach like under the stairs. They’re usually battery operated and are easy to carry.

Filtering capacity

It’s a critical criterion to consider the vacuum cleaner’s ability to clean up any surface and contain the dirt within the machine. The cheaper ones usually have a bag that can capture the larger dirt particles but may simply release the smaller particles back into the surroundings. That’s why it’s crucial to get your vacuum cleaner a HEPA filter to ensure that even the minute particles are absorbed and contained.


You may also have to consider the weight of the machine since you have to move it around when cleaning. This is particularly true for the canister and upright types that will require you to haul the machine as you clean. It helps to be aware of the machine’s weight before you purchase one.

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Home Improvement

Saving precious time with washing machines

Have you ever tried washing your clothes manually? Maybe you tried a few, or maybe you never did then I suggest that you do for once for the sake of trying for you to know that it’s not that easy especially the white ones. If you are having a hard time with just one shirt or jeans then imagine if you would do on a week’s worth laundry. Laundry is not just tasking but time consuming. There are more things far important than doing the laundry, like making money, celebrating one of your family member’s birthday, anniversaries, weddings and even not missing your favorite TV show but you have ti otherwise you want have anything to wear even of those occasions mentioned above.

washing machine in Singapore

The reality of washing machine in Singapore

Laundry is a kind of important but not and can be juggling from those from time to time.  But here comes the washing machine that cuts your washing time to zero. All you have to do it out the clothes, the detergent, the conditioner and spin away! That easy while you something until it’s done. With the convenience of a washing machine a lot of time and energy are allotted to other important things that washing dirty clothes.

And hey maybe in the next 10 years Rosy (the maid robot from the Jetson’s) will be invented then life would be even more convenient but for now let’s just be thankful that a washing machine has been invented to help us in this never ending cycle of washing dirty clothes.

Were here for you

If you need an upgrade or you need to buy a new washing machine Singapore we are here to help you with your needs. We got the best brands with various types of washing machine that are perfect for your needs. We got warranties for these types of appliances for any broken and defect products. We also offer door to door deliver for your appliances and have great customer service people that are ready and willing to assist you on your needs and concerns.

Please visit our site to view more than just our washing machines; you will be surprised to find products with the best value for your money found in our site. You can also take advantage of our live chat service to assist you on your orders and inquiries.

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AC troubleshooting 101: Things to do when your AC is not working

The first thing someone who’s unfamiliar in handling air-conditioner which starts to show different defects and problems is to call for technicians for aircon servicing. However, there will surely be moments where technicians are not available for immediate service while there’s an urgent need for the aircon unit to be fixed. In such case, you may yourself do the AC troubleshooting provided that you have the basic knowledge about air conditioner and its parts. Technicians have given a few simpler and useful tips which you can consider while waiting for the services in AC maintenance. It would not cause a lot of trouble to consider tips which you think are within your capabilities. As a matter of fact, it could even spare you from spending money for the mark-ups and labour expenses.

Home solutions

Sometimes, the reason why your aircon is poorly performing is dirty or clogged filters. This kind of problem is common and doable which can totally be solved without reaching out for professional help. No cooling or low cooling is the usual symptom for clogged or dirty filters. Go check these parts and clean them regularly or clean them right away when you think you’ve overlooked such home solution.

You may also try adjusting the thermostat to give the unit a breather. You can turn on the aircon and switch the thermostat from cooling to off. After that, switch the fan mode and let the unit get the right airflow for later cooling. You may also try this ac maintenance even if your aircon isn’t showing any signs of problem.

These are a few of the easy DIY AC maintenance and troubleshooting solutions that you may try as long as you are equipped with the basic knowledge of the aircon parts and is assured that you are not executing an unsure move which would worsen the situation.

Time to call for professional help – AC troubleshooting

If despite all the home solutions there’s still no change or improvement, Aicon technicians ought to be called. You may spend a little bit more but what’s is $225 compared to a total aircon unit replacement? Professional help is also needed when you think that the problem has something to do with wires and electricity. It is not worth the risk to gamble your safety just to save a little from technicians’ labor. Moreover, your technicians could also determine whether replacement is the better option after checking the condition of the unit. They can also suggest or give you other ac maintenance routine to preserve your AC and prolong its lifespan despite the ordinary wear and tear of the item.

There are a lot of aircon servicing which offers almost the same services. It would be wise to choose credible and skilled professional technicians and companies that offer deals and additional services for the same price. You may look for such in the web as numerous aircon maintenance and servicing companies awaits to accommodate your needs. Thus, do not settle for the first company that appears in the search results if you think you still can get more services with the same rate or cost. There are plenty of fish in the ocean of search results for ac maintenance and ac troubleshooting.

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Transferring to a New Office? Perhaps These Professionals Can Be In Assistance

Having a good assistance from Office Movers Singapore would be very convenient for an enterprise. Especially if the company’s operations needs to get going right away. In a fast-paced business competition, there are lot to prioritize and things to consider. Whatever the reason of your company’s office transfer, it should not be a burden or a hindrance to your company’s ongoing operations. That is where the Office Movers come in.

They can help with everything, from packing, relocation, disposal, transportation, up to storage services. They often start from an on-site visit to discuss and get details of your company’s relocation request and give an initial non-obligatory price quote.  This creates a certain understanding between them your company to fully evaluate what is required. That way, the moving company can apply the necessary resources and equipment to tend to your company’s moving needs.

Look for Well Experienced Moving Company – Office Movers in Singapore

A moving company’s capability in service can be measured in their long tenure in the business. It is often said that experience is the best teacher. In this line of business, dealing with a lot of different clients and delivering what they need gives a company an advantage to any further situation. It is one of the perks of having experience, the company will know right away what to execute when a situation arises. Also, due to that experiences they really mean it when they claim to specialize in any given areas.

Make Sure They Are Reliable

Looking at the quality of their work, reliability always play a big part for evaluation. If they can plan meticulously for your company properties to be secured, that means they show accountability of their work. Making the move hassle-free, efficient, economical, and organized. Managing possible challenges and obstacles is also a good sign of their reliability. It means they exert effort on delivering the utmost services in any given request.

Can Offer Full Range of Services

They should offer a wide variety of services for any relocation and moving needs by any client. If they specialize in office moving, that would be a plus for you. That one day of office transfer will not be a burden if you let these professionals help.

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An appreciation for vacuum cleaners

If you never appreciated vacuum cleaners more than any of your appliances at home I hope you will after reading this.

Vacuum cleaners to clean bunk bed Singapore

Vacuum cleaners are loud; to think that after 10 years it’s still the same loud cleaning appliance that you have known since you were still at school. You can also clean the office chair. So how can you appreciate a loud thing that is heavy and you can’t really get anywhere you like because it’s too big and the wire is just a pain.

The changes in Furniture Singapore

But is it really? It has the same purpose, it’s for cleaning but as you can see it already has a lot of variants to choose from: Bagged, bag less and stick, wet and dry. Also a lot of brands has joined in the fun and made their own vacuum products with their unique patents, unique style, unique technology and unique features. So there are a lot of it to choose from.

furniture Singapore

Although it still has a sound when turned on it is now quieter than it ever was, it’s more flexible now, lighter to some variants while not compromising its quality. You may have thought that it’s just an appliance for cleaning but you should know that just like any other things it started somewhere, it’s an invention and took years just to get it to function the way it should be and took year after year to make it even better and better every year. It’s not the most popular release like a smartphone has but just like a smartphone it also had undergone upgrades for it to be a better product that last years product release.

So the next time you hold a vacuum cleaner look at it at a different light, after all if vacuum cleaner wasn’t invented we would still be using brooms up until now (I can’t imagine what kind of an upgrade that would be).

For anything vacuum, be sure to buy furniture Singapore where it’s most trusted, where they only sell the best brands, better value and good customer satisfaction rating and reviews. Buy from only the best and be sure that the item has a arrantly for services and parts.

Buy from us and you can be sure that you are buying a top quality product that you will be able to use for a long period of time.

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