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House Maids

Get your domestic help from the highly trusted maid agency in Singapore

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The rise in domestic help in Singapore

The busy lifestyle of Singaporeans has left them with limited time to tend to matters at home, and while they have their careers to tend to, time at home just seems too short. Many have turned to hiring foreign domestic helpers to take care of their home, and very often also the people staying in their home. Examples include young children who needs constant attention, the elderly who needs someone to keep a look out for their safety, or the never-ending laundry and ironing, pets which needs to be fed and floors which needs to be mopped, the list goes on.

It is no surprise that many Singaporeans have turned to hiring foreign domestic workers to help them in their home. BUT where do you start when you look for your helper? It is important to first identify what are your home primary needs. Is it to take care of a bedridden elderly, a newborn child, or simply for household chores? Finding the right helper for an employer is also very much a ‘matchmaking’ job. We identify the FDW’s strengths and carefully match them with employers who needs someone with these strengths. It is also good to do an interview, so that both employer and FDW can speak with each other and understand their personalities better.

Skills & Resources Consultancy is here to help you to choose the best domestic helper.

Who are we?

With 31 years of experience, we are proud to say that we are one of the leading Cambodian maid agencies in Singapore. We provide the maid that best fits the needs and requirements of our clients. We provide orientation to our domestic helpers to ensure they are ready to begin their work with the assigned family.

As members of AEAS (Association of Employment Agencies Singapore), we abide by the rules and guidelines set and we are also up-to- date with the industry standards.

In 2015, we were one of the six employment agencies that were selected by Ministry of Manpower to bring in domestic helpers from Cambodia. This proves our credibility, as we venture to be one of the best Cambodian maid agencies in Singapore.

Our services

Our services as highly trustable Cambodian maid agency includes screening of foreign domestic helpers through personal interviews to ensure they are fit to work as domestic helpers, direct hire application service for Singaporeans who wants a specific domestic helper, renewal of work permit or passport and home leave documentation to relieve our clients of paper works, air ticket arrangements and cancellation of work permit to ensure a smooth transition, insurance and security bond which is highly reliable, consultation and counseling during the contract term to counter any problems faced by the domestic helpers, as well as overseas and local training to ensure they are well-equipped with the needed skills.

Choose us as your Cambodian maid agency!

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House Maids

Are Cambodian Maids Worth Trying?

Cambodia is such a beautiful country. Rich in culture, natural resources, and good people, it is such a thrill to be in the country. Good, hardworking, and generally nice, Cambodians are perfect employees as they could be a very important asset of any company. These professional traits of Cambodian people make them good with any job with differing tasks at hand. Even locals that did not have complete education are very good employees for simple jobs like house helps.

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Cambodian Maids Making Their Presence Felt

Singapore, even though it is a small city, is considered as one of the biggest importers of workers in the South East Asian Region. In terms of foreign domestic workers, there are around 240,000 house helps from different countries in the region. While Indonesia and the Philippines remain as the biggest source of house helps, more and more nationalities are being hired as Singaporeans’ house helps.

Because of the need for more domestic workers in the country, countries who would want to express their intent to send their workers to Singapore are increasing. Cambodia is one of those countries, aggressively promoting their pool of skilled workers. Maid agencies are planning to bring in thousands of maids from Cambodia, a significant growth. Cambodia, according to a study, currently ranks as 13th in the source of domestic workers in Singapore. Despite the language barrier, more and more locals are hiring Cambodians as made.

Affordable Services

One of the main selling points of hiring a Cambodian maid is their relatively lower salaries compared to preferred maids from Indonesia and the Philippines. With maid agencies making a collective push to promote the entry of Cambodian maids, they are poised to become one of the preferred choices for maids in Singaporean households.


Sourcing Your Cambodian Maids

Given that there aren’t too much Cambodian maid agencies offering their services of these workers, you should really be careful when hiring for one. One of the best ways to do so is by looking for maid agencies that have a proven track record for providing skilled, hardworking, and trustworthy domestic workers. If you are in the lookout for a household help, you should ask around and do your homework of researching for the best sources of domestic workers in the country. Talk to them, tell them your qualifications and preferences for maids so that you will be matched to one that perfectly fits your needs. This way, you will get the one that could be the perfect partner in getting through your everyday life with less worries.

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Features Your Next Study Table Should Have

It is sure that bedroom is a place to rest and relax. But it being one’s haven for personal space, bed room is more than just a place for sleeping. It is also, for most of us, a place to study and do our homework. A study table is therefore essential when it comes to the furniture you need to include as part of your bed room interior. However, being able to plan the what and where to place the study table Singapore is one and thing and choosing one from a furniture store is another.

Sofa bed Singapore

As well all know, study table isn’t just for decorative purpose but it is something that you or your child will be using and utilizing as you accomplish different tasks in your room especially when you need a good table where you can work in comfort. Thus, you need to know the features of a good study table to be able to get the optimum benefit of your work space. Here are some of it:

Height for a Right Seating Position

One of the most basic things to consider in buying a study table is its height. If you don’t have your preferred height, it is safe to take a study table between 26 to 30 inches in height. This is the ideal height for a good seating position that will allow you to work for long hours without feeling miserably in pain for a wrong seating position.

Study Table with Multiple Storage Feature

As your work station, your study table should be able to provide you with enough space where you can keep your things and the basic supplies you usually use. Moreover, make sure that the storage are placed well in areas which won’t get in your way as you move freely. It must be designed with efficiency as practicality. Thus, it isn’t enough that the study table has a lot of storage boxes or drawers.

Quality Wood Study Table

Choose a good quality wood as well when it comes to study table. Unlike coffee tables, your study table would be used more often and would be bearing more weight.

Buying a study table is an investment as you could utilize the furniture for long period of time. Hence, it is just fitting to get the best one to serve you well and even lessen the burden of your work as you have a good working space to work on.

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Different Types of Dining Table to get your Interior in style

In purchasing a dining table or any other dining furniture, it will be much easier to know the kind or type so you’d know where exactly to look or the furniture salesperson can help you better. Knowing the kind of dining table is essentially important especially when you’re planning on browsing through the different online furniture stores. The variety of furniture are sorted properly thus it allows you to save time as you land on the site showing the right array of options of furniture that addresses your needs and preferences. Here are some of the types of dining tables that can be perfect for your home interior specifically in the dining room:

furniture stores in Singapore

Wood Type Dining table

Whether is it is plywood or the strong sturdy weathered wood, you can always check for this kind if you opt for a classic type of dining interior. It is perfect for those who doesn’t want to have a high maintenance dining set as the furniture still looks fine even with a few scratches as time goes by. Wood is an earth element which appears neutral for visual aesthetics. You’d love the dimension of nature with the help of dining furniture made of wood.

Glass Types

If you want pure sophistication, there are various glass dining table Singapore you can choose. There are some which are glass-top dining tables which some are made of pure glass where interior designers can play with light and brings sparkly effect.

Dining tables in Round or Peculiar Shapes

Some deviate from the normal rectangular table design by choosing round dining tables or those that are made from a specific wood that has been cut in total disregard with proportion. This is also applicable for those who want their dining tables customized by the furniture store where you can have in oval, round, or freeform.

The modern Metal table tops

You can also choose a modern metal table top for your next dining table. It fits with contemporary or modern style home and it gives a minimalist kind of style. Moreover, it is easy to clean with few wipes.


Marble top dining tables are also easy to clean. It’s strong and elegant vibe makes it fall into the list of the classic dining table for the classic and contemporary interior. However, marbles are usually used in kitchens.

Your dining table is a significant furniture piece in every home. Therefore, one should give high regard in choosing the best one according to their needs and home interior.

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How to get Affordable Home Pieces in Furniture Stores in Singapore

Furnishing a house is costly enough that one can no longer afford to spare an extra cash just in case the price rates goes above what’s expected. Thus, budget squeeze shouldn’t be the ultimate problem to solve but how can one get the furniture they want at an affordable price rate. It is not always about negotiating with owners which, more often than not doesn’t work with huge furniture stores as you deal with the salesperson who has no control over the prices even if you give your best shot in haggling. Fortunately, there are other ways to get cheap yet good quality furniture. Here are some tips to help you out in bagging all the home pieces without raising the budget you reasonable set:

Online Search and Canvass

In looking for a quality and affordable furniture, having several tabs of online furniture stores says you are on the right track. If you have found the right furniture for your interior but is quite hesitant about the price for the home piece, the wisest thing to do is to look for its product number and look for it from the other furniture stores. You may not control how the owners impose the prices rates of the furniture but you can always expect that others would lower their markup price. Thus, you can buy the same thing for a lower price.

furniture stores in Singapore

Visit the online furniture stores you see in blogs and articles recommending places where you can find affordable furniture

Blogs are actually helpful than ads. They provide practical and basic information everyone usually needs like top online furniture where you can get affordable pieces. These blog sites even recommend easy ways to find what you’re looking for. Take for example furniture stores in Singapore you can check for affordable furniture, lighting and home décor pieces, you’d be able to find these write ups suggesting furniture stores or places like castlery, Big Box, comfort furniture and the likes. Plus, you get to know what are the available options for you before you personally visit the stores.

What about second-hand furniture?

Second hand furniture are always a good idea for quality yet cheap home pieces. You can also find good vintage ones if you opt for such option. There are a lot of furniture stores in Singapore so don’t really get stressed out in thinking about how to find one.

Online Discounts and Deals

Online furniture stores hold season sales. You can plan on having a furniture shopping during those times so you can get your furniture with deals and discounts.

There are a pool of options when it comes to furniture stores in Singapore. Choose the right one through the tips and guidelines in getting the best deals.

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Energy Conservation Lighting Solutions Can Be Used In Homes And Offices

Limestone has been used in buildings since many centuries because it has antibacterial properties. There are many options for using environmental friendly building material Hong Kong when constructing any building. Using eco friendly materials and construction techniques helps create sustainability and keeps the environment free from damage. Creating an urban jungle in Hong Kong is possible by implementing green roof solutions. Electricity and lighting solutions for buildings are provided by architect Hong Kong. Interior designers can create furniture made from eco friendly material as well. Making use of recyclable material for construction of buildings as well as interiors not only increases the lifespan of the building, but also keeps the residents free from inhaling toxins and chemicals released from the walls.

Green roof solutions provide effective insulation for the buildings

You do not need insulators when you opt for this kind of roofing. It also lowers the air temperatures and pollution in urban areas. Roofing with vegetation is better than using artificial grass carpets for the purpose of decoration. The outer area of any building can use real plants and vegetation instead of artificial decoration. Wood is mixed with cement to create an eco friendly construction solution. Many materials are used for insulation. This can reduce the amount and cost of material used for construction. Eco friendly materials used for building construction are also lesser expensive compared to the traditional materials used.

Architect in Hong Kong plan the construction of the entire buildings

Planning of the water supply, electricity supply, and other aspects of building is done by these professionals. They use the best solutions to provide a design for a building that uses resources reducing wastage. Many builders are opting for usage of materials from sources that are renewable. Using these materials gives a warmer look to the buildings. Milk paints are also an eco friendly option for buildings.

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House Maids

The Top Services of a Cambodian Maid Agency

These days, seeking for house help can get frustrating. There’s no certainty of how long one helper can stay and this is why it’s necessary to look for a Cambodian Maid Agency. As you look for your go-to provider, it would be practical to know the top services by which a Cambodian Maid Agency can provide.

Here are just some of what you can expect from a top provider of a Cambodian Mad Agency

  • Screening and supply of foreign domestic helpers

Your prospective Cambodian Maid Agency must have various methods to make sure the candidates are accordingly screened towards achieving a win-win situation. For instance, a top agency would have a counterpart screener to personally interview the applicants in their native countries. Another way to screen their applicants would be via telecommunication. If personal interviews are possible, the Cambodian Maid Agency would make the effort to screen the prospective maids themselves.

  • Renewal of Work Permit, Passport and documentation of home leaves

Your potential Cambodian Maid Agency must make sure the maid you’re hiring would have complete documentation. A well-documented set of certificates can make sure you will not be hassled by any legalities concerning your maid’s eligibility to work in the country and in your household. This type of service will be provided with a corresponding, reasonable fee.

  • Air ticket arrangements

In the middle of your busy schedule, you’ll probably need to have an expert to assist you with the documents and transactions related to your maid’s ticket arrangements. This is where your Cambodian Maid Agency would be helpful. This is applicable whether your maid will be going home for a holiday, or the helper chooses to go home for good. This service should also include a contract cancellation.

  • Consultation throughout the contract’s term

It’s understandable how adjustments need to be made when a new maid is brought in to your household. This is why your potential Cambodian Maid Agency must also have counseling services, so you’ll learn some tips in handling new situations. The agency must also have the goal of establishing harmony in your household so you’ll find long-term convenience in having availed the agency’s services.

There are a lot of other services which you must look for as you consider having a go-to Cambodian Maid Agency. Be sure to look through your options, so you’ll know about the package to ask when it’s time to seek for a new helper.

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Home Pest Control

Getting the best pest control company

Singapore has a number of pest control services around and believe me they thrive here.

Pest control

Singapore is clean city and probably even cleaner than some thriving cities and countries combined and one of the reason why it’s clean as it is aside from the city cleaners are pest control companies. How they do it? That question leads to what makes the best pest control company?

Proven track record – the first thing that people would go for is the reputation, the name, the popularity, has a good number of reviews, the recommended, the standard.

Low toxic methods – The question always is about how toxic is the chemical used? With Ikari, they are geared towards being eco-friendly and human friendly.

Highly trained and skilled professionals – If you have a highly skilled people working, you can expect that the job is efficient and clean.

Scope – The wider the coverage for  the support the better, because sometimes you get multiple problems when handling pest and getting the overall fix in just one company and job makes everything a lot easier.

Long term plan – if they don’t offer a long term plan you know that they are just in it for the money, Ikari offers you a long term plan in order to pest control servicekeep your pests at bay or prevent them from ever coming back.


The reality

The thing is that not all pests can be eliminated; it may not be because of our lifestyle but because of our work environment and the food sector and industry knows this more than anyone. I’m not implying that they have pests in their businesses but rather their ways for maintenance in keeping the pests away are more often than the other industry around this is not just because of compliance but also for safety. If you want the best pest control company around, choose the one that is more trusted and truly cares for you and the things you care about. Ikari has years of experience in pest control and pest management that they know everything that they have developed their own process, actions and products for it, so make the sound choice and choose Ikari.

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Home Pest Control

The best pest control service in Singapore

If you are looking for a good pest control service you should contact Ikari.

Choosing Ikari

Why them and not just any pest control service out there? If their website and their heritage and back story found in their website won’t get you sold, how about their years of experience and how they promise to take those pests away from your home.

That’s right, removing pests from your home is not like spraying your pests and done with it, it’s more than that. There is a sound process that comes here that can only be done if you are a well-trained and highly skilled but that’s not all, the question is always on the chemicals that they use in eradicating the pests, because if you know or not there is now a standard on the chemicals that pest control services use not just for the environment’s sake but also to yours, because after their job is done the place needs to be available for the people in it whether it’s your home or your office. Aside from all of this, what people never really asked is the long term process for it, and this has something to do on being empowered. Ikari is a very honest company, they know that in order to completely eradicate the pest in your home or office it needs your cooperation and dedication.

pest control service

The end process here is not your trusted pest control guys packing up but you, the customer. Why you? Because the success in preventing another major pest infestation is solely up to you. You might not have known how to prevent it that is why you called your friendly neighborhood pest guy but after they are done with your house/office guests, with Ikari they will teach you the long term process on how you can prevent those unwelcomed guests from ever coming back.

Unwelcomed guests

Your unwelcomed guests doesn’t need you to tell them that they are welcome or not, all they need as an invitation in a place that they feel like they can throw a party and call the rest of their friends to have some fun. They eat your food, soil your clothes, eat your wood and make you uncomfortable.

So make the right choice and keep them away from good, choose Ikari.

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Water heaters are more than water heaters

Water heaters in Singapore are a necessity here in the Lion city just as any countries that have snow.


Because water heaters provide heat and there are many benefits that you can get from a nice hot bath than just keeping your body warm on those cold winter nights.Water heater Singapore

Here are the benefits:

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Aids with sleeping
  • Hydrates and moisturizes skin
  • Minimizes headaches
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Cleanses the skin

The list goes on and on with its many benefits. But people should know that soaking or taking too much time in a bath for more than 15-20 mins will have a non-therapeutic effect on the body that instead of it making you better will make you worse. In general anything excessive can be bad so it’s better to just do it right.

It’s a no brainer getting fired up on a certain brand of heaters because every heater does the same thing so no matter what heater brand you purchase you know most of the time that it does what your previous heater does (unless it’s a smart water heater!).

No matter the reason

With so many health benefits that you get from a hot bath, water heaters can be used for that warm bath therapy and many more. So it becomes a need and part of our bathing. If you don’t have any ailments and disease that can be relieved by a warm bath, it’s a good way to end the day after a stressful day at work, after workout, after partying, after sightseeing and just any exhausting and stressful activities or you just need that warm good bath. No matter what it’s for, when your trusted old water heater breaks down or doesn’t warm up water fast you know it’s time to get a new one. Lucky for you FurnitureSG always got you covered with your water heater needs. Water heater Singapore are a staple in every home and FurnitureSG carries the most trusted and well-loved local and international brands that you will surely love to buy all, aside from water heaters, they also have the widest selection of various appliances and furniture that will surely fit your needs.

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