July 2017


Decorating Your Bedroom With Curtains And Blinds

Whether it’s for your living space, bathroom or bedroom, curtains and blinds, offer a lot to the design and decoration like that of a furniture. If you wish to add coziness in your bedroom, the curtains come handy and blinds make use of a small quantity of the fabric that is required for curtains. Curtains are mostly made of light fabric and are colorful with lighter shades and blinds are typically made using thicker materials, to block the light from coming inside your room. Blinds are generally darker in shade. There are many ways through which you can decorate your bedroom with these wonderful curtains and blinds. You may be looking for some additional privacy in your bedroom or simply wish to decorate your windows to make it look beautiful, consider these ideas given below.

curtains and blinds

Ideas to decorate windows with curtains and blinds

  • Always choose long curtains as it helps in flanking a big window. The folds of the fabric provide warmth and the view of the room becomes a focal point. In addition, the pattern you choose will best match the overall design of the room. There are many patterns and zig-zag is the most popular one to name a few.
  • You can choose sheer curtains and blinds as it diffuses natural light in the room without invading your privacy. Simply layer the drapes for added opacity to give that airy and fresh look.
  • See through designs with ornate prints provides best of both worlds. You can find adequate light as an attractive look that makes your bedroom the most relaxing place to be in.

These are some of the best ideas to make your bedroom look wonderful with these curtains and blinds. You will find many good suppliers of curtains and blinds in Singapore.

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Home Pest Control

What Is Integrated Pest Management And How It Benefit Us?

integrated pest management

Integrated Pest Management is also known as IPM, is a process, that is used to solve the problem of pest, giving the minimum risks to people the environment and people. It can be used to manage pests anywhere and of any kind, this includes the urban area like the residence or commercial set ups, agricultural land and natural areas.

Definition of Integrated Pest Management

IPM is a strategy that is ecosystem-based and it focuses on a long-term prevention of damages done by pests through a technique that are combinations of biological control, modification of cultural practices, habitat manipulation and use of variety of resistant.

At the present time the pest control companies are using this method of pests’ treatment. They just don’t do the spray on prey; instead they use the IPM method, which is a holistic and efficient.

How to hire a company in Singapore that uses IPM method of treatment?

It is simple, one should follow the same practice to search a company that uses IPM method, which they follow to search any other service providers.

The companies that use Integrated Pest Management program categorically share this information with the client. Also, the company holds all kinds of certificated that are required to give the pest control service.

By checking these two details, one can easily hire a good professional who offers quality service.

The advantages of taking services from these professionals

  • Use of biological process leaves no hazardous effect on the health of people living in the space.
  • The professionals try their best that rodents and pest not get killed in the process of pest control.
  • The effect of this remains long lasting and the professionals give the necessary guidance to the homeowners about how to keep the house free from pests.
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The Easy Way To Carry Out Restaurant Renovation

Renovating a building is a tormenting task. When commercial places like restaurants needs renovation, it is too difficult to manage without proper personnel and equipment. A restaurant renovation is not a DIY task as it involves a huge amount of money and a great amount of time. There are contractors available to offer the restaurant owners worry-free service. The experienced contractors will take care of all the aspects of remodeling like planning, creating custom designs, project quotes, getting permits, material orders,  cleaning the site, etc. They offer better project management and they will be able to create and execute designs according to the budget of their clients. These commercial renovation services will have experience in the remodeling industry and they will be able to give the right advice to make restaurant renovation easy for the client. They will make sure that the entire process is in compliance with the government standards.

Why use restaurant renovation in Singapore contractors?

When attempting restaurant renovation Singapore, it is necessary to be done to perfection and to the satisfaction of the owner. Hence, it is necessary to select the best contracting company in Singapore. By selecting the contractor, one can get expert assistance for planning and execution of the project.  They will consider the wish list, renovation ideas, and budget of the client while planning the renovation. They can provide help in acquiring the building permits and can coordinate the construction in every phase of the work. They will be able to provide the best subcontractors or professionals needed for any specific work. They will inform the client about the progress in the work and will explain every work in detail so that the client can feel at ease throughout the work period. All the demolition debris will be cleared and the client will get the space back ready for use. All the interior design needs can be fulfilled by these restaurant renovation contractors.

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A List Of Famous Singapore Sightseeing

If you planning a trip to Singapore then do not forget to have to go for some of the best Singapore sightseeing. Here are some of the top places that should not be missed.

Singapore sightseeing

  • Singapore Flyer

This is the observation wheel that is present in the center of the city and it is the largest in the world. One can sit in the wheel to see the entire city; each level gives a distinct and fresh few views of the place. At the top, one would not only get the view of the entire city, but the view of Spice island of Indonesia can also be caught from here. Different packages are available here for people, according to the kind of view one want to have.

  • Gardens By The Bay

This is the perfect Singapore sightseeing to take a break from the city life and enjoy some fresh greenery. Here one gets the view of vibrant plant life, Supertree Grove, Forest Dome to watch the tallest indoor waterfall of the world. Here one gets a lot of information about the biodiversity.

  • Chinatown

This is the place that will give one the feeling of being in China. It has everything Chinese here, from the shops to the food. The temples here are magnificent and it would be worth if one wakes up early in the morning and be the part of prayer.

  • Most famous Singapore sightseeing, Sentosa Island

This island offers all the fun that one can imagine at an island, the beach, water activities, sun, etc. But, the most interesting thing that one can do here is, visit the underwater aquarium and enjoy with the real dolphins. It is said that, the island has the head like lions and body like a fish. This is one of the must what for anyone.

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A Short List Of Sentosa Attractions

Sentosa is an island resort, which is located off the Singapore coast. The island can be easily reached from Singapore. There are many options present in Singapore to reach this place. The place is visited by millions of people from all over the world every year. The place top class modern resort facility and attractions here are endless and this is the reason that this place is popularly known as Sentosa attractions.

Singapore Sentosa attraction

The place has lots of things for every member of the family. And it could not be visited in just a day or two. So, if planning to visit this place, then plan for at least five days.

Few of Sentosa attractions

The Resort – It is a big area, which has a number of casinos, casino, hotels, food courts, restaurants, shops, Trick Eye Museum. And the biggest attractions of the place is Universal Studios, it is a Hollywood themed park, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island and S.E.A. Aquarium.

  • E.A Aquarium

In the world, this is the largest aquarium and the best. In the aquarium the marine life is displayed attractively. Here one can see more than 100,000 marine animals of nearly 800 different species. All this gives a spectacular moment.

  • Adventure Cove Water Park

It is a water park with some of the great water slides, kid water play areas, wave pool, obstacle course that are a water based, here one can enjoy swimming with fish and in the Dolphin Island Marine Life Park, which is present in the same boundary, one can play with dolphins and sting rays.

  • Universal Studio

This is another Singapore Sentosa attraction that offers fun, thrill and amuse. It is a theme park based on the Hollywood movies. The rides, parks, restaurants all are designed according to the Hollywood movies.

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Guide To Choosing A Jurong Spa Treatment

Nowadays spa treatment available is totally different from traditional spa massages. There are varieties of spa therapies used for the treatment. These therapies are used to recover from back pains, headaches, allergies, etc. Spa treatments are available at hotels, resorts, clinics and at some destination spa like Bali, India, Jurong spa in Singapore.

home massage Singapore

Guide to choose the Jurong spa treatment

  • Identify the purpose

The first step is to identify the pain or suffering. One should be clear with the results. The cause is to understand whether one wants the spa for the relaxation or for some other problems like body ache, headache, joint pains etc. Some people take a spa for better skin nourishment. The purpose of the spa has to be clear in the mind.

  • Meeting with the therapist

Once it is clear that what the need of the spa is. One can visit the nearest spa center and meet the Therapist. As there are an unlimited number of therapies, the proper analysis has to be done to identify the problem. After the analysis, the therapist will suggest the therapy. Even the pressure of therapy has to be defined by the therapist.

  • Knowledge of the spa treatments

Before going for a spa treatment understands the types of treatments from the therapist. The therapist will suggest different strategies. One has to select the therapy, which is in the budget and in reach. Some of the therapies are like massage, which includes Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, etc. The Hot stone therapy uses hot stone for massages. Acupressure and Ayurveda Massage is the oldest form of massage. A Japanese technique, Reiki is used for healing pain.

  • Decision

Make the right choice from the various therapies selected by the therapist!

Nowadays all the Jurong spa treatment centers have many treatments available. One can trust them and go for the treatment.

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Qualities Of The Aircon Service Center

aircon service

When your AC is not working, you definitely will head up finding a repair service, it is something that remains very common among people. The point is that, there are many AC servicing companies addressable in Singapore. Among the many AC servicing companies, how can you decide the best company? For getting the best air conditioner servicing company, you have to go through the qualities of the company. Yes, the qualities of the company will let you know whether or not you can rely on the company. First of all, the recognition of the company should be good. As you all know that, people recognize and remember only a good company. If the aircon service center you choose is familiar, you can know that the company is offering good enough services. Next is that, the AC repair company should contain a team of trained and skilled service persons. A person with no experience in servicing the AC cannot repair the AC to the point. The cost of the AC services should be affordable to reckon. Of course, you have to repair your AC, but for that you cannot spend more from your pocket.

When you need to hire the aircon servicing in Singapore center?

  • There are people that will hire the air conditioner service center every now and then for no reason. It is better to know when you should hire them.
  • First of all, if you find any unwanted sounds in your AC, you have to hire the air conditioner repair center.
  • If your AC is supplying dusty air, it means that the air chambers are clogged with dusts. You have to hire the AC repair service to clean the air chambers.
  • If your AC has been tripping every now and then, you have to hire the aircon service center to resolve the fault.
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Home Decor

Different Use Of Curtains And Blinds In A House

Curtains, from years are being used to decorate the home interior and also to create privacy. A house without curtains seems like a person with cloth. This is the importance that the curtain has in a house.

Now, coming to the blinds then its introduction is not very old. However, in a small span of time, it has proved its worth. In fact, in the present day house, where the houses are constructed in less area, blinds are the perfect replacement of curtains. And now it has evolved with the time perfectly.  In Singapore, the blinds, which were prominently used in the offices has now moved into the home interior decoration and because of its versatility, it has become more worthy than before.

curtains and blinds

Can curtains and blinds go together?

Both curtains and blinds solve the same purpose to stop sunlight, dust and dirt, to décor home and to separate two places. However, curtains alone or blind alone cannot solve all the purposes. But, together they can make charisma in home interiors. See how they complement each other

  • Blinds are fitted in the windows, it cannot be fitted at the front door of the house or at the doors of bedrooms, kitchen and store room. Here, curtains are used, because of its easy maneuvering.
  • The east facing houses face the problem of excessive sunlight, especially during summer. Curtains alone cannot obstruct the complete light, until the blackout curtain is used. Contrary to that blinds has this capability. One, who has this kind of house, can go with the combination of curtains and blinds and make the room cozy and comfortable.
  • In the open space again this is the blind that can solve the purpose like creating shade and separating the area.

So, this how both curtains and blinds can be combined together to get the maximum benefits of both.

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Home Decor

How To Start A Shop Renovation?

Starting a renovation of a retail shop can be difficult. It is difficult to think to close the shop for some renovation. A simple planning can save from all the trouble. Whether the retail shop is in Dubai, Singapore, India or any part of world simple planning can save lots of effort.

shop renovation

A logical order has to be followed to do retail shop renovation

  • Analyze the whole structure of the store, which part is needed to change and which part not to be changed? The shop renovation can be done partially and wholly. Decide whether the whole area has to be renovated or one can also start by selecting the area to be renovated. If the shop has to be opened during the time of renovation then renovation can be done in parts.
  • Analyze the budget and work on the loans and then start the renovation. Make some extra budget in case of emergency.
  • Before starting one can check the law and rules. There is some concession by the government for the renovation. Check it with the help of a lawyer or accountant.
  • Hire a contractor to start the renovation. Start the site work through clearance or any demolition.
  • The damp that is there for renovation can be easily reused for further renovation process and the remaining can easily be sold in the market.
  • The work has to be set with some deadline as it is the retail store. It is hindering the sale of the store. Try to keep the plan as per the deadlines. All the activity has to be monitored. However, execution is done by a contractor, but supervision is under the owner control.

Starting a shop renovation can be planned easily if one has the good professional team for the renovation of the retail shop. Shop renovation is a task need to be done on time.

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Home Improvement

Regular Curtain Cleaning Is As Important

curtain cleaning singapore

Curtains are like the cover of the house. One can give a wonderful look to her house using the well matched curtains with walls. It not only enhances the beauty of the rooms and houses, but also gives privacy to the family members. The curtains have some important role to play in maintaining the good health of the family as well. Therefore, keep the home curtains, clean and well maintained is extremely crucial.

Here some tips that one can use to do quick curtain cleaning in Singapore

No doubt washing curtains of the house is a daunting task, but to keep free from dust and dirt and to maintain its good looks, the home owners are not left with any other alternative.

However, following some simple tips, the whole process of curtain cleaning Singapore could be made less daunting task.

  • Brush the curtains regularly

Either the curtains placed in the home is of normal fabric like cotton, silk or linen or of some other fabric like velvet or synthetic material. Brushing, keep it dust free for a long period of time. One can do brushing once or twice in a week. This will remove dirt that overlaying.

  • Give it for dry cleaning once in six months

No matter how elegantly one handles their expensive curtains while cleaning them, machine wash damages the thread and lines of the curtains. Therefore, to maintain the long life of the curtains and to keep it in a good condition, just give it for curtain dry cleaning Singapore. Curtain cleaning does not cost much, and look at the time and efforts it saves.

In Singapore, one can also give the curtains at the laundry for cleaning once in a year as well, if it is brushed regularly and the curtains do not look dirty from outside.

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