July 2021


The Perfect Summer Day

The nice thing about gardening is being able to plan your day ahead and take your time. Gardening really makes for the perfect summer’s day, especially if you have green fingers. If you’re into your garden and your garden blogs, you’ve landed in the right place. Cosy up with a cup of tea and read on to find out how you can have the perfect summer’s day in your garden.


Weeding doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you’re sat in the sunshine whilst tackling this job. It’s so important to get your weeding out of the way before planning your day in the garden. You can introduce so many more nutrients and water to your new budding plants if you rid the area of pesky weeds. Always start with your least favourite job and then its out of the way. Just know how many benefits you are bringing to your garden and your soil by getting rid of unwanted weeds.


Following from weeding, pruning and dead heading any dying plants and twigs is the ultimate garden refresher. You can entirely transform the look of your garden by ridding the space of anything decaying, not to mention ridding the space of anything that could potentially harm your new crops and flowers, such as disease. Removing the dying branches and flower heads encourages a fresh flush of new flowers to bloom.

Preparing Soil

Before planting your new seeds, you should look to prepare your soil. Preparing your soil will allow for a great growth. You can start by turning over your soil, ridding it of any weeds, stones, and other debris. Begin to layer your organic matter in the form of organic waste, manure, or mulch to form a base to begin your planting. You can add fertilizer, but this won’t do the best job on its own as the fertilizer only replaces some of the nutrients needed for a beautiful, healthy display of flowers.


Before you plant, map out your sections with string to define each area. This way you’ll know exactly what is going where, a little bit of organisation never goes a miss. If you’re planted a potted plant, dig your hole and place the pot in the hole, this way you’ll gauge the best size for your plant. Carefully remove the plant from the plastic pot and place into the hole, leaving about 2cm extra around the perimeter.


You deserve to put your feet up, you’ve been kneeling in the hot sun all afternoon. Purchasing some beautifully relaxing outdoor furniture will create a relaxing spot for you to enjoy your garden in with an ice-cold lemonade. You can welcome your guests into your little corner of the world you’ve so beautifully taken care of, whilst enjoying the summer sunshine and the contrasting colours around your garden.

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