October 2021

Home Decor

Creating A Contemporary Fall Home Style

Fall is a beautiful time of year, switching from vibrant greens to fall hues and earthy tones. It’s a time for binging Netflix and reflecting style within your home to match the outdoor world, only introducing warmth and comfort.

Fall décor to most is viewed a more relaxed, textured affair with red and orange tones throughout, paired with layering, and character. For others, continuing the luxury minimalist approach throughout their home, even as the fall months approach is key, but can you combine fall with luxe minimalist? Absolutely. Interior décor has no boundaries, it’s about finding what works and going with it. Combining décor pieces and colour schemes throughout your home creates a coherent look that sets the tone from the outside in.

Fall is centred around beautifully placed pumpkins and small touches of magic around your home. For layering with candles, pumpkins, and sweet gourds we find that creating a coffee table centre piece is ideal for the small fall statements. It’s important to invest in beautifully crafted, natural pieces of décor for the more luxury fall element. Utilize mother nature and all she has to offer here with natural metals, woods, and stone.

Image Credit: Buster + Punch

There is something very gothic and luxury fall style with a candelabra and complementing gold features and accessories. Setting the tone from start to finish introducing a unique finish, perfect for coffee tables, and dining table centre pieces. It is fall; therefore, the staple pumpkins make an appearance, but doing this minimalistic, and tastefully will complement the design you’re trying to achieve.

Opting for neutral picks will convey the festivity of the season whilst complementing your décor style without the need to enhance your room entirely to fit within the season. Having small, statement pieces of fall selectively placed around your home sets the tone throughout, without over clouding your interior.

Learn that empty space is okay. With a luxe minimalist home environment, it would be entirely the opposite if you over style it with fall pieces. Empty space with fall home styling is good. The empty space is a place our eyes can rest, there isn’t too much going on within a space that craves minimalist and luxury. Leaving space between your pieces and avoiding over styling you are allowing your décor to speak for itself. Less is more here.

Fall is the perfect time of year to work with your neutrals and introduce just a minimum amount of colour, even if this is just a darker neutral hue. Sometimes, altering our texture within the same colour palette can create a dramatic effect without over complicating your space entirely. For those who love a minimalist lifestyle, a neutral colour palette is always desirable.

This can be the very reason some of you avoid accessorising for fall. Don’t shy away from it, use it in small and simple ways for a beautifully coherent style throughout. Remember, interior design isn’t one statement piece that speaks volumes on behalf of your entire home, it is small complementing pieces that set the tone from the outside in, throughout your entire living space.

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Luxury Bathroom Trends

A luxury bathroom is something we all deserve inside our home. Creating the wow factor here is important as it sets the tone for the rest of your home. The bathroom is a popular space to transform into luxury, not to mention the value it adds to your home. We’ve enlisted expert help to show you the top luxury bathroom trends.

Smart and Digital Showers

Consider installing a smart and digital shower. This is fantastic for offering full connectivity to the smart home by combining the precise electronic control of a digital shower with the modern convenience of voice and app activation. Additionally, you can personally set your own shower settings and profiles for each of your family members so you can shower with the perfect setting each time. A smart and digital shower offers the most luxurious shower, adding to the finishing touches of your bathroom space. Whilst it’s important you cover the design and accessories; the functionality of the room is important too.

Image Credit: Aqualisa | Smart and Digital Shower


Matching your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, toilet brush, and soap dish creates a running theme, which is a beautiful way of tying the room in together as well as incorporating additional robe hooks, towel rails and shelving in similar hues. For the extra stylish accessories, you can explore neutral décor pieces such as decorative coral, candles, and oil fragrances.

Bathroom accessories are just as important as your towels and shower, the entire space comes together by piecing together small elements of interior design, setting the tone for the room. Our personal favourites include an industrial style bathroom featuring matte black bathroom sets and natural metal mirror frames. Alternatively, if the glam life suits you more, you can incorporate a chandelier above your bathtub, some beautiful white towels, glass bathroom sets and lots of fresh, white flowers.

Colour Scheme

Keep your colour scheme relevant to the style of interior design you are trying to achieve. If you’re looking for contemporary, luxury, elegance, you need to reflect this in your colour scheme. Going with black, white, and grey is perfect here. By incorporating neutral hues within your bathroom allows for you to include darker accessories. You’ll have much more to work with by creating a blank canvas and allowing the fresh, new tones to flow beautifully through your bathroom without over doing the colour scheme.

Free Standing Baths

From a design perspective, the free-standing bath is a beautiful central piece to any bathroom. The free-standing bath is also the perfect way to introduce natural elements to the bathroom, for example marble, or other white stone. You can feature pendants or a chandelier above the bath to create a real focal point to the room. From a design perspective, you can creative as possible with your bathroom design here, from bringing nature indoors by setting the bath surrounded by large natural pebbles or creating a contemporary design with a ceiling tap. Our personal favourite is placing your free-standing bath by a large window letting in lots of light. This is perfect if your home boasts a beautiful view, where nobody can look in of course!

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Taking Your Home to The Next Level

Interior design isn’t a case of introducing a statement feature that gives your room the wow factor, it’s about piecing together small elements of design that work coherently, pulling together each room into one fluid design. Interior design is defined as the art, and science of enhancing the interior of a building or home to achieve a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

Having a detail-oriented home will enhance your home’s overall theme and aesthetics. The smallest of features in our home if perfected will entirely transform the look and feel of your space.  Detailing is what makes a space memorable and unique whilst functioning in a certain way. We’re here to show you exactly how you can take your home to the next level, right down to the finer details.


Many believe that the door handle is an insignificant purchase that has little or no effect inside your home when enhancing your interior design. We can’t stress enough the importance of finer details such as exquisite door handles, matching plug sockets, and switches. Gone are the days of little or no option to design with hardware or detailing. When you introduce statement hardware you begin to appreciate the impact it actually has on your interior design.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch


Artwork brings a sense of luxury to any home, from creating definition and texture to adding a personal touch to your room. Art helps us validate and understand our emotions, so introducing beautiful works of art into your interior design will encourage positive thoughts and a positive head space. Artwork is a great talking point in your home, encouraging interesting conversation whilst completing your interior design, adding the ultimate finesse. Introducing your own personality into your home allows guests to understand you and appreciate your home.


With the addition of accessories in your home space you are finalising the space, adding texture, and character. You can enhance your architecture, complement your décor, and piece your space together beautifully here. The key is to take your time and find out what works and doesn’t work for both you and your living space.

Our recommendation is that if you feel that the piece is too adventurous for you, it probably is. Always stay within your comfort zone to tie your home together, introducing your personality and character. For some this may be wacky features incorporating a variety of colours, for others this may be neutral hues and soft textures.

Soft Furnishings

No home is complete without beautiful soft furnishings. What we love so much about this design element is how versatile they are. You can alter them at any point, change their position and location in the house creating a big impact. As the seasons change through the year you can alter your scatter cushions, rugs, and throws to match the weather outside. In autumn and winter introducing beautiful warm hues into your living room and bedroom spaces is a perfect way to enhance your interior by bringing a little bit of nature inside.

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Few Important Tips to Help Prevent Injury While Gardening

Gardening is a great way to get some fresh air and spend time outside. However, there are risks involved with gardening that can lead to injury if left untreated.

Most gardeners know the importance of wearing gloves while working in the dirt, but it’s important to be aware of other common hazards as well. In this blog post, we will discuss few tips for preventing injury while gardening:


– The first one is to wear long-sleeved clothing in the garden {jardin}. While it may be hot outside, there are a variety of flying insects and grasses that can get in your eyes or mouth if not covered up.

– The second tip is to make sure you have good shoes on when gardening. This will help protect from injury due to sharp objects such as rocks underfoot and keep the feet safe from bites by any wild animals you accidentally step on while working in an area where they roam free.

– Thirdly, always carry a first aid kit with you at all times! These kits usually come with bandages for wounds and disinfectant wipes to help prevent infection due to dirt getting into cuts while digging around plants and shrubs during lawn maintenance tasks.

Also, having tweezers and scissors can help remove any materials that get stuck in wounds.

– Fourth, make sure all tools are sharp and clean before using them! If a device is dull, it will take longer to complete the task at hand, which increases your chances of injury due to fatigue during repetitive motions over an extended period.

Dirty equipment also poses risks for infection from rust on things such as shovels or gardening forks.

Protection For Eyes?

Wear sunglasses when working outside, especially if you have sensitive eyes like myself. This may seem obvious, but not everyone does this while they work outdoors around plants with leaves full of sap that can cause eye irritation.

Even watering plants daily might be enough for some people to need additional protection while performing soil mixtures containing more organic matter.

Things To Remember:

Always check weather conditions before heading out to work in the garden! This is important because if there has been a lot of rain recently, it will be more slippery when walking around and working on wet grassy areas, which increases the risk of falls.

Also, avoid going outside when there are high gusts of wind as this may cause objects such as tree limbs or tools that have not been properly secured to blow into you, causing injury.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged at all times so you can call someone immediately if an accident occurs while performing any tasks involved with gardening.

In addition, using headphones could distract from noticing dangerous situations right away especially involving large animals like dogs or larger fauna such as snakes or spiders, which you may step on.


In conclusion, it’s important always to follow safety procedures while gardening whether you are working on a large scale or just doing some light wedding in your backyard.

A few easy preventative measures can help keep you safe and injury-free the next time you head out into the garden.

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