June 14, 2022


Bharat Bhise Offers Tips and Tricks to Cleaning Carpets When You Have Pets


According to Bharat Bhise, pet owners need to take extra care to keep their carpets clean. Your little furry friends such as cats and dogs can keep you entertained and stress-free for hours, but they can also cause a mess if you are not careful or train them properly. Fortunately, there are many steps you can follow to keep the damage to a minimum or deal with it effectively to reduce your worries.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few carpet cleaning tips and tricks you can follow as a pet owner:

  • Purchase a powerful vacuum cleaner – If you have more than one pet in your home, you are probably tired of noticing animal fur on many parts of your house including the furniture and carpets. The best way to clean excess animal fur from your carpets or any other place is to use a powerful vacuum cleaner since they can suck up the excess fur quite easily.

We recommend you invest in a water filter vacuum instead of a regular one since water filters are more potent than canister filters. It is recommended that you clean your carpets using the vacuum every other day to keep them clean.

  • Invest in a good quality handheld extractor – Oftentimes, your pets can be little devils that leave a wet mess on your carpet. These are much more difficult to remove or clean since you have to be careful not to stain the surface as well. Most people try to use paper towels or rags to clean the wet mess on carpet, but these can prove to be ineffective and make the mess worse.

The solution is to use a good-quality handheld extractor since these are designed to extract liquids from carpets. In fact, these are even better than powerful vacuum cleaners for cleaning wet messes from your carpet.

  • Use bio-enzymatic cleaners – Even after using a handheld extractor to clean wet messes on your carpet, it can leave a nasty odor that is difficult to neutralize. Using regular carpet cleaners is not that effective at removing pet urine odors.

The best way to remove the smell of pet urine on your carpet is to use a urine-specific bio-enzymatic cleaner since these are designed to neutralize uric acid and urea and eliminate starches and proteins.

  • Use a putty knife to remove solids – If your cat or dog has accidentally pooped or vomited on your carpet, you have to be extra careful while removing them so that you don’t accidentally spread it further. The best way to handle such a mess is to use a putty knife to scoop the mess since they have a thin edge that makes the task easier.


Bharat Bhise suggests you groom your pets regularly and trim their excess fur and nails to keep them clean and healthy. It will also allow you to keep your carpets and house clean since they will not shed much fur or scratch your carpet and furniture. It is also recommended that you properly toilet train your pets so that they don’t make a mess on your carpet and make your life a living hell.

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