June 23, 2022


Matt Davies Stockton Discusses Keeping Open Air Garden Furniture Looking New


According to Matt Davies Stockton, garden furniture is susceptible to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains, UV rays, high winds, and more. The same holds true for patio furniture. Thus, it is essential to prepare them properly and clean them periodically to maintain their longevity and keep them in good condition.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to keep open-air garden furniture looking new:

  • Use outdoor furniture covers – One of the best ways to protect open-air garden furniture such as outdoor chairs, couches, and more is to use weather-resistant covers. Such covers will protect your patio furniture from the harmful UV rays of the sun, rain, wind, and even pests.

However, ensure that you measure the dimensions of your outdoor furniture carefully so that you can select covers of the proper size. It is also important to choose covers with air vents so that they reduce the risk of condensation inside it and prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

  • Use a sun and water shield spray to protect the cushions – Most outdoor furniture fabrics such as outdoor couch cushions are designed to withstand the harsh UV rays of the sun and some amount of water damage. Still, it is important to clean and scrub them periodically to maintain the quality and look of the product for the long term.

In addition to cleaning them, it is recommended that you apply a fabric spray such as Scotchgard water and sun shield to protect your outdoor furniture, awnings, umbrellas, covers, and more from UVA rays, UVB rays, and excess moisture due to rain.

  • Apply a coat of protectants to seal outdoor furniture – Depending on the type of furniture, you can apply different types of protectants to improve their longevity. For instance, applying a coat of polyurethane with UV blockers on wood furniture will not only help to protect it from the sun but also preserve its natural beauty.

In the case of aluminum and metal furniture, you can apply a coat of paste wax. However, ensure that you remove any rust or corrosion of the metal furniture first, apply a primer, paint it, and then apply the wax on top.

Plastic furniture tends to fade over time when exposed to the sunlight. You can apply a coat of outdoor furniture protector to prevent them from cracking and fading.

  • Store the outdoor furniture during bad weather conditions – During the off-season such as the winter when you will mostly stay indoors, it makes sense to store your outdoor furniture inside since it will prevent it from becoming exposed to the harmful weather conditions such as extreme cold, moisture, and dirt. For this reason, it is always preferable to choose outdoor furniture that is lightweight and can be folded easily.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you only choose furniture for your garden or patio that is rated for outdoor use. Indoor furniture is not suitable for outdoor use and tends to get damaged pretty easily when exposed to harsh outside elements.

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