November 2, 2022


How To Choose Your Perfect Wine Cabinet

Cabinets and showcases have always been a highly sought-after means to add class and dignity to the interiors of living spaces. What more to improve this concept than to fill them up with things you are passionate about? This could be anything, ranging from books, music records, watches, and, more interestingly, wine.

Why should you consider getting a wine cabinet?

As much as it is important to pay a good amount of attention to collecting the wine you choose to display, it is equally important to store your bottles with care and concern. One might not be aware, but it is very important to take care of a couple of concerns with storing your wine properly, especially on a long-term basis.

For starters, you must store your bottles horizontally on your racks rather than going with the visually pleasing option of vertically putting them up as a showpiece on your mantle. This is essential to keep your wine from aging prematurely because the cork dries up soon.

Wine can also get affected by adverse external conditions, mainly temperature and vibrations. Hence it is also recommended that you take such factors into consideration while designing your cabinet and its location. Along with these important pointers, there are several other reasons to point you toward putting up a good wine cabinet.

Types of wine cabinets

Wine storage requires a significant amount of attention to detail, calling for extensive thought in coming up with the best possible storage solution. Manufacturers have started catering to the needs of dedicated wine collectors spread over different geographical areas and have come up with suitable solutions. Additional features like temperature control and internal environment are now receiving added attention, making it an advantage to the buyer. Here are the popular types of wine cabinets in the current market.

1.     Maturing cabinet

This is a generic wine cabin with the feature of refrigeration at a set temperature of 9 to 15 degrees Celsius. This could be an ideal solution for the simple storage of your wine in home bars or restaurants for a few years until it primes. Being a rather conventional option, these cabinets come with a wide range of options open for customization. You can decide upon a style and size which goes hand-in-hand with the existing decor of your set-up, thereby making this cabinet a part of your decor.

2.     Serving cabinet

Like the countertop wine racks, the basic purpose of this cabinet is to provide an aesthetically pleasing yet functional means of serving your wine at necessary events or situations. These movable cabinets usually come with two temperature zones allowing for separate placement of wines that are to be served and aged.

3.     Multifunctional cabinet

Equipped with a multitude of temperature zones, this would be the wine collectors’ dream come true. The bottom is usually set at a lower temperature, steadily rising to higher temperatures at the top.

4.     Non-refrigerated cabinets

These are rather set up as showpieces with the major goal of the aesthetic score. Mostly constituted of solid wood and lavish design, these units provide the most visually pleasing yet insulated storage option for your wine. This, however, might not be ideal for all climates, as most wines require appropriate conditions to maintain quality and taste.


Wine cabinets are one of the best ways to store your wine while giving you the added advantage of aesthetically adding to your home decor. With the perfect cabinet that suits your existing style of living space, you can take the overall image of your home to the next level, all the same by adding an element of personal interest as well.

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