February 22, 2024


Categories Of Electric Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace adds personality and warmth to your home, but the type depends on energy usage. Understanding product options is crucial for making the best electric fireplace insert decision. An electric fireplace insert enhances home quality and invitingness, suitable for remodels or DIY projects. Installed in various locations, it can be customised based on personal preferences and interior organisation. To choose the best product, consider different insert types and genuine and unique ones. Actual flame-mimicking inserts use LED lights, orange-tinted water mist, or a screen with real-world fire footage. Gel, a combustible fuel source, can be used instead of wood or gas. In this piece, we will list several fireplace inserts you should opt for when putting up an electric fireplace.

Some of the electric fireplace inserts you should consider include the following;

  • Concealed inserts

Built-in electric fireplace inserts are permanent, inexpensive, and easy to install. They fit into existing fireplace boxes or wall recesses and use infrared or fan-forced heating. They can have glass fronts, contemporary designs, or log sets. To ensure correct installation, involve an electrician.

  • Inserts that plugin

The plug-in electric fireplace insert includes media, flame technology, and an enclosed box designed to fit into existing mantels for fireplaces. It can be plugged into a wall outlet or added to the firebox for a seamless finish. The insert offers customisable flame effects, including colour, intensity, and speed.

  • Inserts for log sets

A log set insert is a quick and easy way to update an existing fireplace. It consists of a log set and can be installed in the firebox or near the fireplace. There are various styles, including full logs, embers, freshly cut logs, and birch, with flame effects that project flames out the back. Most units feature fan-forced heaters for up to 400 square feet of additional heat, with some equipped with infrared heat for up to 1,000 square feet, and come with a remote control.

  • Comfort glow electric log heater insert

This electric fireplace insert, rated 4.6 stars on Amazon, is easy to install into an existing fireplace and features a remote control for flame control. It looks like a natural fire pit and can select from five brightness levels, keeping the ambience room warm even in freezing weather.


  • Touchstone, the sideline recessed smart electric fireplace

The electric fireplace insert, available in sizes 28-100 inches, is a practical choice for homes seeking a warm ambience. It features realistic fire and customisable logs and crystals. However, replacing the glass pane can be challenging, warns Rachel Rothman. The user-friendly model offers three flame colours and five intensities, with a heat range of 68°F to 88°F. It can be controlled via remote or Alexa and works with Google Assistant for easy control.


If you’re considering installing an electric fireplace in your home, ensure you look for the proper electric fireplace inserts. We have listed the most common fireplace inserts you should think of. Ensure you exhaust the options we have listed before you look into other designs. In case it’s not what you like, you could always ask a professional for assistance

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What To Love About Vessel Basin

Contemporary vessel basins have transformed mundane bathrooms into engaging spaces. They combine striking profiles with tidier positioning and serve as potential stylistic anchors. This article covers the merits of artisanal vessel basins, highlighting how they can infuse visual elegance and modernist edge while improving symmetry.

What Is A Vessel Basin?

Vessel basins are unique and visually intriguing as they are placed on top of surfaces, unlike regular basins that are embedded in countertops. They come in various styles and materials, making them a flexible and hassle-free addition to modern power rooms and luxurious master bathrooms.

Vessel basins are designed in space-conscious slender bowl shapes. They are coated with a heat-resistant, waterproof polymer, adding striking visual elements to any sink area. These basins can be used to inject artisanal flair and symmetry into any bathroom without requiring significant layout alterations. They can be selected to harmonise with the prevailing décor to create a dynamic and cohesive look.

Express Your Essence Through Vessel Basins

Contemporary vessel basins revolutionise the way we think about sink placement. Rather than being integrated into the countertop, these stylish basins are positioned over it, becoming the room’s centrepiece. This introduction of non-conformism immediately sets them apart as a bold and avant-garde design choice.

Precision-focused manufacturing, high-quality materials, and passionate crafting combine to create basins with finely smoothed outlines and durable finishes. Each design is carefully crafted to surpass utility goals alone, resulting in a sophisticated celebration of artistry that elevates daily routines.

With abundant material and form factor options, vessel basins offer wide integration flexibility for modern and ornate settings alike. By combining striking visual intrigue with space-conscious sizing, these basins make it easy to infuse textural elegance or asymmetry into your bathroom without requiring significant renovations. As a result, they offer accessible and sustainable ways to add artisanal extravagance to your private luxurious haven by elevating even the most prosaic bath elements.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Vessel Basin?

Mainstream vessel basin diameters span 14-24 inches. Allocating a few inches of clearance around walls facilitates accessory placement alongside easing usage comfort. Vanity widths also govern sizing options alongside basin combinations planning for these dual installation spaces. Finally, factoring mirror lengths assists in streamlining top cabinetry symmetry.

What Is The Standard Height Of A Vessel Basin?

Average vessel basin heights hover between 5 and 6 inches as per prevailing interior trends, enabling ergonomic reach. However, aligning the vessel spout’s position against the basin’s height proves vital to prevent overflow splashing during usage. Some opt for taller semi-recessed models for more water-retaining capacity.

How Do You Prevent A Vessel Basin From Splashing?

Strategic faucet placements constitute a prime anti-splash tactic. Excess heights and direct angle trajectories inviting forceful water collisions with basin base materials spark heavy splashing. Implementing wall-mounts distance or popup drain compatibility allows waterfall-like gentle water descent, mitigating risks. Finally, deeper vessel basin capacities prevent overflow outcomes.

Ease Of Installation Of Vessel Basin

When it comes to sink installations, different requirements are depending on the type of sink. For traditional drop-in or under-mount sinks, modifications may be necessary. However, vessel basins are easier to install with minimal preparation, such as basic plumbing, waterproofing and electrical points provisions.

Once those are in place, various mounting options, such as wall braces, vanity holes or pedestals, allow for flexible deployment based on bathroom size and usage scenarios.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your powder room or primary suite, vessel basins are a great option for a quick weekend project that promises sophistication without much retrofitting trouble.

Statement Piece Appeal

Vanity sinks that are implanted in bathrooms are discreet. Still, vessel basins offer more styling options as they can be positioned as focal centrepieces on surfaces. These unique bowl structures come in many designs, ranging from minimalistic to ornate profiles, which can introduce striking asymmetry or textures to your bathroom. By elevating the centrepiece of your bathroom without requiring any drastic overhauls, you can transform it into a designer showcase.


To find the best vessel basins, one must look beyond just buying a product and consider the wider impact on a bathroom’s overall look and feel. Kohler offers beautiful focal points that can inspire and add texture, making daily routines more enjoyable. The possibilities for creating a unique and personalised space are endless for those who seek it. With a focus on blending form, function, and meaning, one can create a stylish and delightful haven.

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