5 Easy Space Saving Tips for your Office

space saving tips for an office with constraints


In the current modern world, you do not need to have a brick and mortar office unless your business involves clients coming to your office. In that case, you will need to rent an office. Two of the factors that are put into consideration when calculating monthly rent are the total office space and location. You can reduce the amount of money that you pay every month by utilizing the available space well.

Here are five easy space saving tips that you can use to reorganize your office and save money on office rent.

Go Paperless

Needless to say, papers are the leading causes of clutter in the office. Over time, they will occupy a significant portion of your office space. One of the guaranteed ways of eliminating the need to have cabinets for storing documents is by going paperless. Instead of having documents in hard copy, store them in your computer or cloud database in soft copy form.

Invest in Stacking Chairs

Stackable chairs have been proven to be very effective in saving space. The best have a compact design and can be easily folded and stacked together at the end of the meeting to create space for other business activities.

Make Use of Vertical Space

The available vertical space in the office can help to de-clutter your office and ensure maximum utilization of the available floor space. Invest in wall hooks to keep your coat off your desk and tall slim shelving for storing documents. a good example is used by the Interush Singapore office has elegant vertical shelves that enable the company to save ample office space.

Invest in a Wall Desk

Investing in a wall desk is another ingenious way of taking advantage of the vertical space. The wall desks can be folded and leaned on the wall when not in use.

Finally, you can save office space and reduce the operating costs by allowing some of your staff members to work virtually from home. Thanks to increased internet connection across the globe, you can hold meetings online using various VOIP platforms such as Skype. Doing so will eliminate the need to have new desks and a conference room.