AC troubleshooting 101: Things to do when your AC is not working

The first thing someone who’s unfamiliar in handling air-conditioner which starts to show different defects and problems is to call for technicians for aircon servicing. However, there will surely be moments where technicians are not available for immediate service while there’s an urgent need for the aircon unit to be fixed. In such case, you may yourself do the AC troubleshooting provided that you have the basic knowledge about air conditioner and its parts. Technicians have given a few simpler and useful tips which you can consider while waiting for the services in AC maintenance. It would not cause a lot of trouble to consider tips which you think are within your capabilities. As a matter of fact, it could even spare you from spending money for the mark-ups and labour expenses.

Home solutions

Sometimes, the reason why your aircon is poorly performing is dirty or clogged filters. This kind of problem is common and doable which can totally be solved without reaching out for professional help. No cooling or low cooling is the usual symptom for clogged or dirty filters. Go check these parts and clean them regularly or clean them right away when you think you’ve overlooked such home solution.

You may also try adjusting the thermostat to give the unit a breather. You can turn on the aircon and switch the thermostat from cooling to off. After that, switch the fan mode and let the unit get the right airflow for later cooling. You may also try this ac maintenance even if your aircon isn’t showing any signs of problem.

These are a few of the easy DIY AC maintenance and troubleshooting solutions that you may try as long as you are equipped with the basic knowledge of the aircon parts and is assured that you are not executing an unsure move which would worsen the situation.

Time to call for professional help – AC troubleshooting

If despite all the home solutions there’s still no change or improvement, Aicon technicians ought to be called. You may spend a little bit more but what’s is $225 compared to a total aircon unit replacement? Professional help is also needed when you think that the problem has something to do with wires and electricity. It is not worth the risk to gamble your safety just to save a little from technicians’ labor. Moreover, your technicians could also determine whether replacement is the better option after checking the condition of the unit. They can also suggest or give you other ac maintenance routine to preserve your AC and prolong its lifespan despite the ordinary wear and tear of the item.

There are a lot of aircon servicing which offers almost the same services. It would be wise to choose credible and skilled professional technicians and companies that offer deals and additional services for the same price. You may look for such in the web as numerous aircon maintenance and servicing companies awaits to accommodate your needs. Thus, do not settle for the first company that appears in the search results if you think you still can get more services with the same rate or cost. There are plenty of fish in the ocean of search results for ac maintenance and ac troubleshooting.