Best Kitchen Sink Accessories

kitchen accessories

There is a huge array of gadgets on the market these days for kitchen sinks, with some working much better than others. Short of checking out reviews of every product, it can be difficult to work out which exactly are the best products, and which you will actually need. There are many items which you may think are a good idea, but in reality how much are you going to use them? There are some novel ideas which people have developed for your kitchen sink, and here we are going to take a look at some of the best.

Rollout Shelf

One of the best kitchen sink accessories which we have seen emerge in recent years are the rollout shelves, which are ideal for so many tasks. These shelves are easy to stow away when not in use, and when the time comes you simply roll them out and place them over a section of the sink. These can be used to place veg and fruit when you are draining them, as well as being used for extra drainage space for washed dishes.

Dishwasher Tidy 

Items which you use for washing dishes such as brushes, sponges, liquid and scrubbing pads can very quickly cause a mess around kitchen sinks. Additionally you may find that they leave a nasty mark on the material if they are left for too long. The ideal option therefore is a smart tidy which you can use to house all of your products for easy access and to avoid them making your sink look messy.

Plughole Cover 

It is always important that you have a mesh plughole cover for your kitchen sink. If you allow bits and pieces of food to reach the plughole then one of two things is going to happen; either the plughole is going to be clogged up with food and the water will overflow, or the food will find its way into the tubes below the sink. If you allow too much food through the plughole then you will find that the tubes eventually get clogged up, causing a foul smell and possibly affecting drainage too. A mesh cover resolves both of these problems.

Spray Hose

One of the smartest additions which you can make to the sink is adding a spray hose to your tapware. This is going to be perfect for both rinsing dishes when they are covered in sauce or foods, and it is also going to help you get rid of soap suds once you have washed the dishes.

Corner ‘Trash’ Can 

Whether you are peeling veg in the sink or getting rid of food bits which have gathered in your plughole cover, a little corner trash can is going to be a convenient way for you to get rid of it all. This will save you having to go to the trash can each time you wish to get rid of something and the small plastic bin will fit perfectly onto the corner of even the smallest sink.

These are our top picks for kitchen sink accessories which you can consider for your home.