How to Buy the Right Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to regular maintenance of your carpet, vacuum cleaning is the most basic procedure. Through regular vacuum cleaning, you can remove about 50 percent of the dirt on your rug. This is because 80 percent of dirt found on your rug is dry which can be removed with the use of a vacuum cleaner.

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Vacuum cleaning the carpet on a daily basis will certainly help improve its overall appearance. That’s why it’s important to choose the right vacuum cleaner to use. Here are some tips on doing so:

Vacuum cleaners have various styles and features. That’s why buying a vacuum cleaner should be based on your specific requirements. And when you do so, you may have to check on the following:


The type of vacuum cleaner to buy depends on the kind of surface that has to be cleaned. Make this a priority.


It is also crucial to choose the factor of comfort in handling the machine. You have to check on its size, handles, weight, and the comfort in using it.


You have to check on the efficiency of the device’s filter especially when you are prone to having allergies.


If you’re sensitive to noise, you might want to have a vacuum cleaner that has insulated materials surrounding the motor.


You have to determine the attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner of your choice but you have to be careful not to buy those that you don’t need.

There are also different kinds of vacuum cleaners to choose from:

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These are the smaller type of vacuum cleaners. It’s often run by battery and is good for areas that are hard to reach.

Upright and canister vacuum cleaners

Upright cleaners are only for carpets while the canister type is intended for all types of cleaning but it’s heavy to pull around when you do.

Stick or broom type

This type looks like the stream-lined upright and it often has less power. It is however beneficial for a small apartment.

You also have to consider the vacuum’s airflow since this defines the cleaning efficiency of the machine.