The Perfect Summer Day

The nice thing about gardening is being able to plan your day ahead and take your time. Gardening really makes for the perfect summer’s day, especially if you have green fingers. If you’re into your garden and your garden blogs, you’ve landed in the right place. Cosy up with a cup of tea and read on to find out how you can have the perfect summer’s day in your garden.


Weeding doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you’re sat in the sunshine whilst tackling this job. It’s so important to get your weeding out of the way before planning your day in the garden. You can introduce so many more nutrients and water to your new budding plants if you rid the area of pesky weeds. Always start with your least favourite job and then its out of the way. Just know how many benefits you are bringing to your garden and your soil by getting rid of unwanted weeds.


Following from weeding, pruning and dead heading any dying plants and twigs is the ultimate garden refresher. You can entirely transform the look of your garden by ridding the space of anything decaying, not to mention ridding the space of anything that could potentially harm your new crops and flowers, such as disease. Removing the dying branches and flower heads encourages a fresh flush of new flowers to bloom.

Preparing Soil

Before planting your new seeds, you should look to prepare your soil. Preparing your soil will allow for a great growth. You can start by turning over your soil, ridding it of any weeds, stones, and other debris. Begin to layer your organic matter in the form of organic waste, manure, or mulch to form a base to begin your planting. You can add fertilizer, but this won’t do the best job on its own as the fertilizer only replaces some of the nutrients needed for a beautiful, healthy display of flowers.


Before you plant, map out your sections with string to define each area. This way you’ll know exactly what is going where, a little bit of organisation never goes a miss. If you’re planted a potted plant, dig your hole and place the pot in the hole, this way you’ll gauge the best size for your plant. Carefully remove the plant from the plastic pot and place into the hole, leaving about 2cm extra around the perimeter.


You deserve to put your feet up, you’ve been kneeling in the hot sun all afternoon. Purchasing some beautifully relaxing outdoor furniture will create a relaxing spot for you to enjoy your garden in with an ice-cold lemonade. You can welcome your guests into your little corner of the world you’ve so beautifully taken care of, whilst enjoying the summer sunshine and the contrasting colours around your garden.

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How to Build a Garden Shed

If you have a spacious garden on your property, adding a shed on it is an excellent idea. An outdoor shed can be just what you need to store all your garden tools, or you can turn it into an accommodating space as well. There are a bunch of different kinds of garden buildings that you can add to your property, such as:

  • Cabanas
  • Sheds
  • Follies
  • Orangeries

If you want a complete, closed environment, you should consider opting for a garden shed. You can hire a local company that can build a shed in Petersfield, or you can also choose a prefabricated one.

Building a Shed

If you want to build a shed from scratch, you must have considerable knowledge of completing DIY projects on your own. If you don’t, it’s not a wise idea to build the shed all by yourself. Instead, there are numerous companies that offer custom sheds that you can set up on your property as well.

Prefabricated Sheds

These are becoming incredibly popular as of late, with more and more people opting for them in comparison to wooden buildings. The prefabricated sheds are made from a strong material that is resistant to environmental elements and does not sustain a lot of damage, making it a suitable choice for use in the garden. You don’t need to worry too much about maintenance either, making it a great choice for people who want excellent value for their money as well.



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Blackout Curtains Or Blinds Which Is Better?

curtains and blinds

Curtains we all know are the important and integral part of the home interior. A home will not be called as finished unless it contains curtains. The objective of putting the curtains on the windows, doors and on the glass walls are many like

  • It enhances the look of a house when used in good combination.
  • It restricts sunlight and wind to get inside the house. In hotels mostly blackout curtains are used to stop the sunlight and other types of lights coming in.
  • Curtains give the privacy.

Most of the houses use dark color curtains to stop the sunlight coming in. So, the curtains have many responsibilities to take care of in a house.

However, now the substitute of curtains has come on the market of Singapore. And, that is blinds, these days people prefer to use wood blinds, fabric blind, bamboo blinds and many other types of blinds instead of curtains. The blinds also play the same role as a curtain. But, if compare to curtains that create complete blackout, the blinds do not solve the purpose.

Moreover, the blinds could replace the curtains of the door. Though open blinds can be used as anywhere. But yes, when it comes to giving the stylish look of the interior of a house, then blind is latest, chic and give an elegant look to the place.

Both curtains and blinds has their own role to play

If asked between curtains and blinds which are better, then the answer would be both are better at their own place. The roman blind holds the potential of adding elegance in the bedroom and solid curtains has ability to restrict light coming inside the room. So, both have an important role to play in the home interior and are good at their own place.

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Preparing Your Home For Pest Control

If your home is infested with insects or pests, it is best that you appoint a pest control service to get the situation under control. If you ignore the problem for long it can lead to a number of problems. This will affect sanity of your home surrounding and health of your loved ones. When you call in a pest control company there would be certain steps that you need to take to prepare your home.

pest control company

Steps to take

There are ways to prepare your home when you are getting pest control done. It would be best that you take care of the following:

  • Seek information from the pest control company on how they will carry out the operation.
  • They might need you to clear out edible items from the kitchen before pest control is done.
  • The rooms where pest control is done should be not be occupied at the time of the operation.

Nowadays, most premium pest control companies offer eco-friendly products for pest control. The personnel who come in usually advise the homeowners to prepare their home accordingly. It is important to seek information from them beforehand so that one can be prepared for the same.

In case the kitchen is being sprayed or cleaned, it would be best to remove edible items or finish all kinds of meal preparations from before. One could also work with the personnel and get one room cleaned or operated at a time. This can help occupants to move things from one place to another. In many cases there is clean up required after sprays or solutions are applied.

Finding a reliable pest control service in Singapore

It is best that you refer to an approved vendor for pest control measures. IKARI is a well known name in pest control services in Singapore. They offer eco-friendly and kid friendly products for pest control and home cleaning.

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What Integrated Pest Management Is All About?

We often think that pest control is all about getting rid of insects and pest infestation from your home. While that is the main part of any such operation, many companies also offer associated cleaning activities as well. That makes appointment of such a service useful for any home, especially when one needs extensive spring cleaning to be done.

What to expect?

If you wish to get the most out of a pest control service opt for one that also offers home cleaning services. This will provide you the following benefits:

  • Pest control is done in the home and surroundings.
  • Insect infestation is brought under control.
  • Deep surface cleaning of tiled surfaces, indoors and exterior parts of homes.
  • Garden infestation control is also done.

pest control company

While it might be optional that home cleaning is offered, if you find a service that includes an integrated home cleaning and pest control service, it becomes beneficial for a homeowner. If you are moving to a new residence or moving away from one, it is best to opt for such a service. It helps to disinfect the home environment entirely, which is beneficial for you or for the next person taking up residence.

How to appoint pest control services in Singapore?

Once you are aware of your home needs, it is easy to review the different pest control companies in your area. Most regional directories list these services. You can even visit their websites to know more about them. It is important to find a reliable company that has been in operation for long and uses eco-friendly products and solutions in its operations. If you are looking for a reliable pest control service in Singapore, IKARI is a name well recommended. It is a company that has been around since 1976.

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Choose Your Veggies Gardening Style

We all have their own certain growing styles. He could choose right style which will fit the nurture of his/her organic garden helping to develop their veggies effectively, besides that you could come with an edge over other gardeners. You most likely have your own specific style that may be your choice. However do you know the various kinds of gardening styles that you could grow? Here are the types that you might consider–

Home Gardening

This is actually the most typical of techniques. If you’re only a beginner and never yet looking after produce veggies for industrial reasons, then domestic gardening is perfect for you. The main reason for home gardening is to buy a household of the steady way to obtain veggies and simultaneously, keeping artistic attract your backyard. You are able to soothe your eyesight time by time.

This can be a favorite method as –

It doesn’t require an excessive amount of space.

It can be cultivated in windowsills, balconies along with other small areas which have sufficient source of light.

Simple to monitor and simultaneously, low maintenance reely from unwanted pests.

One other good factor about home growing may be the ease with specifically for beginners from getting no understanding of planting after which growing with other gardening styles, both deems the flamboyant from the ageing garden enthusiast.

Devoted Gardening

This style involves commercial areas that are recognized for its eco-friendly quality and therefore are frequently promoted as a result. Parks, botanical gardens, amusement parts along with other tourist points of interest belong to this category. An employee is needed to keep based on its size, work administrative abilities with gardening proficiency are needed. Commercial gardens are often custom-designed for delivering in profit to particular causes or organizations.

Impact Gardening

If you’re to the challenge of obstructing weeds with nominal expenses, then impact gardening is perfect for you. It calls for utilizing a relatively small space and maximizing its gardening potential. The vegetation is frequently overloaded together.

Within this technique you can aquire a lot from a little space. It keeps weed levels low, and makes gardening easily. It’s also rather attractive, provides a more uniform turn to a garden. You are able to create your garden based on your taste and needs by using impact gardening technique

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening technique includes the gardens of glasshouses, green-houses and educational institutions. It’s an all season technique and you will find systems readily available for hvac for certain kinds of plants. Should you love cultivating plants interior and exterior season, then indoor gardening is perfect for you. Residential gardening also comes underneath the indoor gardening.

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What to obtain a Garden enthusiast for Christmas

If you’re a garden enthusiast yourself I bet you are able to consider a 1000 and something things you need in your Holiday. However, for non-gardeners, purchasing the right gift for that garden enthusiast within their existence could be a daunting prospect frequently producing a helpful if unimaginative garden center voucher. So, for those who have an outdoor related gift to purchase this Christmas and also you aren’t sure how to start, here a couple of ideas which are both practical and imaginative as well as will not break your budget!

Garden tools

There are lots of tools both helpful and innovative available in a reasonable cost. Listed here are my top 5. Kneeling pads make the perfect gift and needn’t be totally practical. In addition to practical plain colours, I’ve come across some good funky designs. No garden enthusiast should do without a trusty garden knife. Should you choose choose this like a present, make certain you purchase a trustworthy make. Another invaluable gift is a great set of multi-use secateurs. Some advice however, most gardeners get their preferred brand for essential tools for example secateurs, so try to perform a little digging first!

Something I simply could not do without within the garden is my plastic garden trug. These lightweight round trugs include handles as well as in many different dimensions. But on top of that, these come in a variety of lovely vibrant colours. An excellent gift! You need to have the ability to have them from the trustworthy garden center or online. My final gift within this section is garden mitts. Yes, I understand they may be pretty unimaginative. Why not splash on something a little luxurious. An attractive set of soft leather mitts may have your unique garden enthusiast exclaiming in delight.

Studying material

There’s a bewildering quantity of gardening books available and much more appear to become printed prior to the Christmas market. Research your options and discover who’s preferred within the gardening world, most likely particular gardening celebrity have a book out for Christmas. Alternatively, you can choose something on the specialist subject – your garden enthusiast might be into vegetable growing or bonsai, or are interested in garden design. I additionally think a year’s subscription to some good gardening magazine is really a helpful gift for any garden enthusiast.

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Small Gardens – The Town Garden

Small but nice

Because gardening will get lots of attention nowadays, many people are busy using their garden. Even the city garden will get increasingly more attention. We’re overloaded with ideas and materials and this will make it difficult to choose.

Our gardens get smaller sized and smaller sized, consider the town garden, however the offer in materials will get larger and larger. Frequently you accomplish more with less, but carefully selected items than purchasing items without thinking. This is applicable for each type of garden.

Qualities City Garden

Many occasions a town garden is enclosed by walls and fences of surrounding houses. This privacy may be the primary sign of a town garden and produces an outdoor patio-like atmosphere. The climate such type of gardens differs from in gardens outdoors the town. Within the summer time heat will remain longer between your walls and during the cold months it will likely be less cold since the walls can give off heat. The dimension of the city garden might vary a great deal. Much like gardens in outdoors areas you will see big and small city gardens.


For any small garden you need to create a obvious design. Whenever you avoid the garden will invariably look just a little ‘messy’. Obvious lines within the paving can give your garden an additional dimension. Be sure your garden looks nice when seen previously mentioned, this give an additional value for your garden.


In a tiny garden the option of plants is essential. That’s why you need to choose plants which will flower a longer period and which have ornamental value after flowering. Eco-friendly particulars are indispensable inside a winter garden. It is therefore a good idea to consult some kind of special books before purchasing your plants. There are plenty of books with higher explanations concerning the qualities of certain type of plants. You’ll need more time, but you will find that a garden will end up much more of yourself.

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Summary of Plant Garden Designs

Creating your own plant garden doesn’t have to become a struggle. When comes up plant garden designs she or he may consider sketch pads to attract out an agenda and blueprints but, this doesn’t need to be the situation, although when you purchase you are able to go for this process.

Creating an plant garden could be plenty of fun and you may personalize it for your particular needs. Although some planning isn’t needed there’s some planning which will clearly have to be accomplished. Much like with other things, that which you put in a factor is what you should get free from it. So, just a little persistence and thought goes a lengthy way with creating a garden.

In the following paragraphs we’ll discuss several various kinds of plant garden designs. When conceptualizing a garden you need to make certain that you simply include factors that have intending to you, stuff you like and have some kind of connection or attraction to. Personalization is paramount to creating it your personal and you may spend just as much or very little time in your design as you desire.

Within this articles we’ll discuss a couple of garden designs that could give you some useful ideas and added assistance that will help you achieve your own personalized design.

Butterfly Garden Design

If you value butterflies and wish to attract these to a garden then you need to create your garden with this particular theme to be able to attract them. Butterflies love flowers and therefore are naturally drawn to them for that nectar the flowers produce. So, to draw in butterflies for your butterfly garden you will need to plant different flowers during your theme for example azalea, butterfly weed, marigold, lilac, butterfly plant, nettles, dogbane, thistles and milkweed.

Inside a butterfly garden you may even wish to incorporate a water source for the butterflies just like a fountain or some nice bowls to allow them to enjoy. Also, it is always good to possess rocks for the butterflies to relaxation on along with a nice bench or rocking chair that you should sit and revel in a garden.

Zen Garden Design

A zen garden will be a great garden to create for individuals who love meditating. The priests used and cultivated a zen garden for this function. Zen gardens should bring oneness and harmony to the individual who is applying it. The flowers that you select ought to be appropriate for the climate. Rocks really are a very important element for any zen garden because it signifies time and energy and adds depth for your garden. When your zen garden is finished and you’ve got managed to get your personal, this can be a place in which you will invariably wan to retreat to.

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Garden Fountains Are ideal for Your Home

Getting an attractive garden full of flowers or perhaps some plants, bushes and trees, there’d be something missing. Garden fountains are what you’ve got to be missing. There are lots of designs of these fountains, varying from ornamental statues, platform and wall-types. Fountains are beautiful accents for the garden and so they create a soothing water seem that freshens your tired mind. For any huge garden you might want to choose bug garden fountains too to enhance its size. For that small gardens apply for free-standing one or perhaps a statue fountain. Fountains might have waterfall that appear to be really classy within the garden. You may even use a fountain having a small pond inside your garden, with fishes inside it. Water pond type of fountain you’ll have a statue which may be utilized as the centerpiece within the garden. The outside of the home will prove to add a pleasing sense towards the outdoors and also the fountains could possibly be the central focus from the garden.

When selecting an outdoor fountain for the garden or yard, make sure to pick one that’s okay together with your atmosphere. If you are somewhere in which the elements changes drastically a heavy, stone-created fountain could possibly be the good for you. These fountains take time and effort or impossible to keep for that winter several weeks. Different weather temperature may cause your fountain to hack and spill water left inside. Another factor to think about whenever thinking about setting up an outdoor fountain is its water capacity and it is pump. For the greatest results you may choose the fountains that pump five gal every minute.

There are many different styles readily available for a garden fountain.

You may make garden fountains as grounds for a garden theme. You will find fountains which have styles for example creatures, flowers, wild birds and/or plants. You will find fountains with statues of individuals, fairy and/or angels. You may make garden styles according to such statues. If you wish to pick a theme for the garden, you might sprinkle different add-ons within the garden for example glowing stars, wind-chimes, and many more. An angel fountain within the garden which has a little bit of add-ons and delightful flowers is bound to help make your garden.

There’s anything refreshing in comparison towards the seem of soothing water inside a beautiful atmosphere. Existence could possibly get too tiring, which is wonderful to merely escape from it inside a beautiful atmosphere. The fountain history dates back towards the Babylonians. Initially, these were indication of property. A fountain was utilized because the primary piece within their hanging gardens.

Garden fountains are beautiful and great additions that could add tranquility to nearly every garden or perhaps an outside patio. When choosing a fountain, you might want it to serve you for a lengthy time additionally to to be the centerpiece inside your garden. Because of so many different types of fountains available, it may be tough to choose which one that is well suited for a garden. Don’t forget to spice it up with a Chinese garden stool!

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