Rental Checklist: What to Explore Before You Move In


What to explore before you move in

When changing your place of residence, there are several things you should pay attention to before moving in. Those can be, for example, to check the pipes, to see whether there is mold or to check the neighborhood in general. It does not matter whether you are moving to a different country or just going to a different part of the city- these things are quite important for your life in a new home. In order to help you, we have made a list of what to explore before you move in. All you need to do is to go through this article and you will know what to pay attention to before the relocation.

First of all, learn as much as you can about your new neighborhood

If you have the chance, go to your potential neighbourhood by yourself. This is the best way to make sure this is just the right place for you. In addition to this, you can get a sense of where the parks are, what clubs and coffee shops you can count on and also see what is in your vicinity, in general. On the other hand, if you are unable to visit your future place of residence, you can learn a lot about it from afar. A reliable source for you where you can find important pieces of information is certainly City Data. You can easily learn what areas are residential and commercial, which neighbourhoods are considered dangerous and what areas have those features you are interested in.

A woman holding a map
It is preferable to visit your potential neighbourhood

It is preferable to visit your potential neighbourhood

After that you should research the costs of living

It is important to know how much money you will need for living in a new place. What to explore before you move in is the following: transportation, housing, healthcare and food costs. These are the most important things you need to find out when you want to know your future expenses. You can easily find the average prices of everything on the Internet. This will be a great way to get more pieces of information about your new neighbourhood. After you have done your research, you will know whether a certain area can become your future home or not. If it can, reliable movers can help you with your local relocation in Dallas, for example.

Check your new home for leaks

In case you have hired a home inspector, he or she will certainly do their best to check whether your new home is leak-free or not. However, there is a way for you to do a double-check with which you can give yourself peace of mind. What you need to do is to check your water meter. After that, make sure no one uses any water for two hours and check the water meter again. It should read exactly the same- in case it does not, it means that you have a plumbing leak. Of course, it is preferable to deal with this right away than to worry about it sometime more.

What to explore before you move in is whether there are any leaks
What to explore before you move in is whether there are any leaks

What to explore before you move in are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

You should not sleep a single night in your new home before you make sure these safeguards are in place. It is preferable that you go to your future home before moving in with a box of batteries and test each and every smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. In case your new home lacks a carbon monoxide detector, make sure you get one at a home improvement store. As soon as you first set it, do so outdoors in order for it to get a clean reading of fresh air as its baseline. By doing this, there will be no need for you to worry once you relocate. Evolution Moving Company DFW are there to help your move runs smoothly- they can also give you some more pieces of advice on what to pay attention to.

You should also tackle major maintenance tasks

First of all, you should vacuum out the coils under or behind your fridge. There is a possibility for these coils to get clogged with hair and dust over time. As a consequence, this makes it more difficult for them to release heat, which later forces your fridge to work harder. When you finish vacuuming, use a coil cleaning brush in order to get them thoroughly cleaned. While doing this, flush your water heater, clear out any sediment and check whether the air filters need to be replaced. This is yet another task that should be on your checklist on what to explore before you move in. A good thing about it is that it will make it easier to set a maintenance calendar- you will only need to remember your move-in date.

An open fridge
It is preferable to check the condition of your fridge

Find your shutoff valves and breaker box

In case you are wondering what to explore before you move in that is of great importance are two things: your shutoff valves and breaker box. The ideal scenario would be to go to your new home and check whether everything works or there are some improvements needed. If this cannot be the case, before you put all the boxes with your belonging in there, make sure you locate the main water shutoff and gas shutoff valves. If some pipe bursts, you will know immediately where to shut the water. In addition to this, you should also locate your breaker box. It is certainly not fun to hunt for it with a flashlight when some problem with the electricity comes up.

When you have finished with all of these tasks, you can proceed with the moving process. In case you have not yet found a moving company, now is a fine time to do so. Since you have completed the list of what to explore before you move in, now all you need to think about is what to bring with you and what to leave behind.

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Dealing With Home And Office Movers

Moving can be quite stressful if you do not organize and plan everything in advance. When it comes to moving heavy and expensive home or office belongings, many people end up incurring losses due to negligence and mistakes committed by moving services. Hence it is essential to find a reliable moving company that allows you to make most of the decisions and also to work closely with them. For shifting of your office or store, you can hire professional office movers that have bigger teams and more expertise in handling commercial goods. For house shifting, you need a team that has years of experience in the industry and offers all sorts of customized packing and moving services.

Hiring reliable movers and packers in Singapore

  • Moving companies are responsible for the safety of all the belongings of their customers and would help in all possible ways to ensure that every single thing is shifted, unloaded, and unpacked with utmost care. You should be able to make out their service motto while discussing the terms and conditions during their first visit.
  • Before inviting a moving service for a site visit you should research about relevant packing and moving requisites. You can search online for information on safe and modern packaging methods and materials used. Knowing about the nature of the service required would allow you to judge the professionalism of various moving services Singapore.
  • Discuss with your friends and colleagues who have recently undergone a shifting job. This would allow you to learn about the areas that need more attention or things that should be avoided. They can also suggest some of the most reliable moving services available in your city.
  • Do not allow the moving company to pack or move any of your valuables like identity cards, passports, official documents, certificates, and jewelry. These items should be carried by you or your family members.

Finding a professional moving company in Singapore

For well-organized packing and moving jobs, you may consult SKY MOVER. The Singapore-based moving company provides free carton boxes and OPP tapes upon relocation of entire office or home.

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Some Packing Tips from Singapore’s Movers

movers in singapore

Going on a relocation project soon? Then it would be an awesome idea to read as many tips as possible, so you can get started with a pile of relevant info for your move. It’s practical to visit the sites of top movers in Singapore, so you may get the best hacks straight from the pros themselves.

Tips on seeking movers in Singapore

Here are just some of the tips which you must consider, so you can be more prepared on your upcoming transfer:

Place all your important documents in one box

Moving can get chaotic. Just when you thought you’ve perfectly organized all the essentials and other materials of your property, you’ll most likely be surprised by the inconveniences of emergencies or last minute urgencies. Most movers in Singapore would agree on making your important documents within reach and easily accessible. This is why it may help if you could place your visa, licenses, birth certificates, insurance contracts and other essentials in just one box. This way, you’ll know where they would exactly be so you could source them out whenever you need to.

Don’t be stingy with the labels

You may not immediately notice it, but boxes tend to look alike especially when they’re taken out of the truck after a long trip. This is why it’s quite necessary for you to place labels on the boxes and containers of your materials. If you’d like to be more discreet about the boxes’ contents, you can use codes as your labels. These codes will then have their corresponding meanings which you can only understand – just be sure to print out your code list along with their meanings for your personal reference.

Have a thorough run-through on the condition of your furniture

Top movers in Singapore would usually ensure you of keeping your furniture safe and in good condition throughout a transfer. However it would still be necessary for you to check on your investments’ condition right before they get transferred. Whenever possible, you may even take pictures of your most prized selections so you’ll exactly know how they look before the challenges of relocation take place.

Do not be frazzled with unpacking

Upon arriving to your next office or home, you’ll probably be excited to get settled and unload all your possessions from the truck. However, movers in Singapore would suggest for you to first take a couple of breathers and even rest especially if you just arrived from a long trip. After doing so, you’ll be much calmer and collected to take out your packed valuables from  their boxes so they may accordingly be placed in their respective rooms and shelves.

There are so many other pointers which can help you prepare for your upcoming relocation. Read up on more materials so you can be much readier as you choose among your shortlist of movers in Singapore.

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Transferring to a New Office? Perhaps These Professionals Can Be In Assistance

Having a good assistance from Office Movers Singapore would be very convenient for an enterprise. Especially if the company’s operations needs to get going right away. In a fast-paced business competition, there are lot to prioritize and things to consider. Whatever the reason of your company’s office transfer, it should not be a burden or a hindrance to your company’s ongoing operations. That is where the Office Movers come in.

They can help with everything, from packing, relocation, disposal, transportation, up to storage services. They often start from an on-site visit to discuss and get details of your company’s relocation request and give an initial non-obligatory price quote.  This creates a certain understanding between them your company to fully evaluate what is required. That way, the moving company can apply the necessary resources and equipment to tend to your company’s moving needs.

Look for Well Experienced Moving Company – Office Movers in Singapore

A moving company’s capability in service can be measured in their long tenure in the business. It is often said that experience is the best teacher. In this line of business, dealing with a lot of different clients and delivering what they need gives a company an advantage to any further situation. It is one of the perks of having experience, the company will know right away what to execute when a situation arises. Also, due to that experiences they really mean it when they claim to specialize in any given areas.

Make Sure They Are Reliable

Looking at the quality of their work, reliability always play a big part for evaluation. If they can plan meticulously for your company properties to be secured, that means they show accountability of their work. Making the move hassle-free, efficient, economical, and organized. Managing possible challenges and obstacles is also a good sign of their reliability. It means they exert effort on delivering the utmost services in any given request.

Can Offer Full Range of Services

They should offer a wide variety of services for any relocation and moving needs by any client. If they specialize in office moving, that would be a plus for you. That one day of office transfer will not be a burden if you let these professionals help.

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Finding A Perfect Storage Solution For Home And Office Assets

Space crunch is the common problem faced by most of the modern structures including homes and offices.  In developed cities like Singapore, there is a growing demand for spacious offices and corporate buildings that have become quite expensive over the past few years. This has also lead to growing demand for temporary storage spaces that are available for rent or lease basis. There are many warehousing companies in the city that offer Singapore storage space facilities to homeowners as well as business owners. Such services offer safe and secured storage rooms for preserving all sorts of assets.

Singapore storage

Features of hirable storage space Singapore

  • Storage space Singapore provided by storehouse or warehouse services offer a clean place to store your stuffs safely. You need not worry about your valuables getting damaged due to dust or pests.
  • Services that offer storage spaces also provide best packaging material for your stuffs. So if you are worried about safekeeping your valuable asset, then the best option is to hire a good storage service that can help you in putting everything in place.
  • Storage places offered by warehouse, authorities are insured against possible damages and risks associated with theft or fire.
  • Hiring proper warehouses or storage facilities becomes essential in case of perishable goods or products that require special storage facilities like medications, fruits, vegetables etc.

How to find cheap storehouse facilities?

In Singapore, there are several companies that offer storage services for different types of products. However, if you are looking for a low-rate storage facility, then you need to investigate through various sources. You need to consult with various services and compare their prices and quotes. There are several companies that offer cheap storage facility for long-term use or for storing products in bulk quantities. There are also certain packers and movers who offer temporary storage facilities in their warehouses for cheap rates.

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