Not only people know but a coffee table is often the center of attention in anyone’s living room area. A good choice would mean harmony and impeccable taste while a poor choice would mean disorder and disarray within the area. A poor choice would also make a room smaller and much less unified since it may overwhelm the other furniture found in the area.

 coffee table Singapore

This is why when you buy a coffee table Singapore, you have to closely consider several factors such as the size, cost, shape, and the material used for the coffee table. These are aspects to consider to make sure that the coffee table would make the home more inviting and comfortable for anyone who visits it.

Here some of the factors to consider primarily in choosing the coffee table for your home:

Size up the kind of coffee table you want

There are different sizes and shapes for dining tables that you can find anywhere. You have to choose the right size and shape that will go with the space you allotted for it. It should match the overall look of the house and should be able to function the way you intend it to.

The rule of thumb is that you leave a space of 2 feet for every side of the coffee table. The table should also be reachable from every side without the need to stand up. There are some people who say that it should not be beyond 60 percent of the sofa’s length.

The height should depend on your intended use. The modern ones are quite low that it might be difficult to eat on them.

Determine the shape and style of the coffee table

The most popular among coffee table options are the rectangular ones. They have different heights and forms. They can be a good match for small or large rooms.

Square coffee tables are great for larger rooms. They may overwhelm a smaller room when not chosen with care. For families that have small children, they opt to have round coffee tables to ensure that no corners could possibly harm the kids while they’re playing around.