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Creating A Contemporary Fall Home Style

Fall is a beautiful time of year, switching from vibrant greens to fall hues and earthy tones. It’s a time for binging Netflix and reflecting style within your home to match the outdoor world, only introducing warmth and comfort.

Fall décor to most is viewed a more relaxed, textured affair with red and orange tones throughout, paired with layering, and character. For others, continuing the luxury minimalist approach throughout their home, even as the fall months approach is key, but can you combine fall with luxe minimalist? Absolutely. Interior décor has no boundaries, it’s about finding what works and going with it. Combining décor pieces and colour schemes throughout your home creates a coherent look that sets the tone from the outside in.

Fall is centred around beautifully placed pumpkins and small touches of magic around your home. For layering with candles, pumpkins, and sweet gourds we find that creating a coffee table centre piece is ideal for the small fall statements. It’s important to invest in beautifully crafted, natural pieces of décor for the more luxury fall element. Utilize mother nature and all she has to offer here with natural metals, woods, and stone.

Image Credit: Buster + Punch

There is something very gothic and luxury fall style with a candelabra and complementing gold features and accessories. Setting the tone from start to finish introducing a unique finish, perfect for coffee tables, and dining table centre pieces. It is fall; therefore, the staple pumpkins make an appearance, but doing this minimalistic, and tastefully will complement the design you’re trying to achieve.

Opting for neutral picks will convey the festivity of the season whilst complementing your décor style without the need to enhance your room entirely to fit within the season. Having small, statement pieces of fall selectively placed around your home sets the tone throughout, without over clouding your interior.

Learn that empty space is okay. With a luxe minimalist home environment, it would be entirely the opposite if you over style it with fall pieces. Empty space with fall home styling is good. The empty space is a place our eyes can rest, there isn’t too much going on within a space that craves minimalist and luxury. Leaving space between your pieces and avoiding over styling you are allowing your décor to speak for itself. Less is more here.

Fall is the perfect time of year to work with your neutrals and introduce just a minimum amount of colour, even if this is just a darker neutral hue. Sometimes, altering our texture within the same colour palette can create a dramatic effect without over complicating your space entirely. For those who love a minimalist lifestyle, a neutral colour palette is always desirable.

This can be the very reason some of you avoid accessorising for fall. Don’t shy away from it, use it in small and simple ways for a beautifully coherent style throughout. Remember, interior design isn’t one statement piece that speaks volumes on behalf of your entire home, it is small complementing pieces that set the tone from the outside in, throughout your entire living space.