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How to Customize Walls through Wallpapers ?

The choice of wallpaper Singapore largely depends on the preference of the homeowner. There are other factors that can possibly affect it too such as the location where the wallpaper can be installed, the volume of human traffic, the people who frequent the location, and the activities that are often done in it. All these have to be considered in the redecoration of walls through the use of designer wallpapers and borders.

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Appropriate Wallpapers on Different Rooms

Low-traffic or low in activity rooms such as the master bedroom, dens, and the babies’ room may be pasted with just the standard wallpaper. Such areas are not prone to damages and stains on the walls. When it comes to high-volume and high-activity areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and the children’s rooms should make use of vinyl wallpapers and borders. These are known to be easy to clean and quite durable than the standard wallpaper.

It should be noted that the wallpaper design should go well with the personality of the person or persons who frequent it. The bedroom for instance is the haven of each household member. For those members who have wallpapered rooms, they would prefer to decorate it showcasing one’s personality and personal taste.

For Teenagers

Teenagers are known to be highly creative when it comes to their walls. They are also known to be passionate in the way they express themselves in every single aspect of their room be it the murals, decors, or what have they. They often like the loud and animated designs for their walls and murals. You cannot however pinpoint a single trend when decorating a teenager’s room since majority of them are highly personalized in terms of colors and patterns or designs.

For the Nursery

The nursery is the most peaceful place in the house. The walls have to be comforting yet still exude vibrancy through its colors. You can pick colorful wallpapers, borders, and murals that come with nursery themes. Try not to use too-loud colors and pictures for the nursery. You have to strike a delicate balance between colors and designs for proper stimulation and comfort.