During a rainstorm, you would wish water wouldn’t drip from your ceiling. You expect your roof to protect your belongings and keep you and your family dry. However, when your roof fails, you might not know what exactly to do. While you can always put a bucket under the drip, you don’t want this solution forever. If you want the most effective way to stop a leak from the roof, consider the tips below:

Determine where Water Comes From

In case you notice water drips or stains that come from the ceiling, determine where the water is coming from. Sometimes, this may not have to do with your roof. Start checking for possible sources and while you make your way up to your attic, ensure the issue is not about your appliances or plumbing. When checking for the source, remember to bring a flashlight as it could get dark up there.

Control the Damage

After determining where the water is coming from, it is time to control the severity of the issue. Place buckets on the floor below the dripping spot and dry out wet areas. You don’t want water to cause more damage to your home so make sure you keep the place as dry as possible as you stop the water temporarily. It might be best to stop the water flow until a professional in roof repairs arrives. The leaking might have to do with the roof. The flashing may have a crack or there may be a missing shingle. Focus on controlling the damage until help is available. Consider applying roofing tape or cement to plug the leak.

Call a Roofing Expert

Although you may be able to go to the nearest hardware store to buy a few shingles or other items you need, calling your local roofing professional is the best idea. Keep in mind that water damage can be tricky and when you don’t get issues fixed on a timely manner, you will be dealing with hefty repair costs.

Moreover, you cannot be sure it is about the shingles. The problem may have to do with the flashing or some other things that only a roofing expert will be able to determine and repair right away. Make sure you call a roofer to inspect the damage to ensure it is not as serious as you thought.

Be Vigilant for Future Damages

After getting your roofing issues fixed, you must watch for signs of possible roof damage in the future. Being able to detect issues earlier will make it easier to fix them.