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Different Kinds of Wallpaper to Choose From

When you decorate a room, the first thing you have to consider is the appearance of its walls. You have to choose carefully between using a paint or a wallpaper SG. There are several aspects to think about apart from the pros and cons of the two options. Variety and design are the two aspects that make the wallpaper stand out from the paint. You can’t deny the fact that the wallpaper has the largest design selections when it comes to decorating the home. Modern wallpaper shows off a wide array of designs, colors, patterns, and artistry. All these can be used for you to have the kind of room you visualized. But once you have made a decision to use the wallpaper you have to consider several aspects. There are some wallpapers that work better in some rooms than others.

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Common Types of Wallpaper

Vinyl Coated

The most common types of wallpaper that you can find are the following: solid sheet vinyl, fabric backed vinyl, coated fabric, paper backed vinyl, and others. The vinyl coated wallpaper is not just the most popular kind of wallpaper; it is also the most durable. It has been treated with vinyl acrylic; hence it is tough, easy to clean, and it is also resistant to moisture. This makes it suitable for all rooms whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, or the children’s bedrooms.

Coated Fabric

When it comes to the coated fabric wallpaper, you can have more artistic freedom in using it. It is exactly what it sounds which is fabric coated with liquid vinyl. You have to extra careful with this wallpaper though since it is not moisture resistant. This makes it more appropriate for rooms that have low moisture such as libraries, bedrooms, and living rooms but not in kitchens and bathrooms.

Paper Backed or Solid Sheet

This type of wallpaper is the most durable of all. It’s like the vinyl coated wallpaper only that it comes with a pulp or paper at the back. It’s still moisture resistant and quite easy to clean. That makes it work for any type of room in the house.