Different Types of Dining Table to get your Interior in style

In purchasing a dining table or any other dining furniture, it will be much easier to know the kind or type so you’d know where exactly to look or the furniture salesperson can help you better. Knowing the kind of dining table is essentially important especially when you’re planning on browsing through the different online furniture stores. The variety of furniture are sorted properly thus it allows you to save time as you land on the site showing the right array of options of furniture that addresses your needs and preferences. Here are some of the types of dining tables that can be perfect for your home interior specifically in the dining room:

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Wood Type Dining table

Whether is it is plywood or the strong sturdy weathered wood, you can always check for this kind if you opt for a classic type of dining interior. It is perfect for those who doesn’t want to have a high maintenance dining set as the furniture still looks fine even with a few scratches as time goes by. Wood is an earth element which appears neutral for visual aesthetics. You’d love the dimension of nature with the help of dining furniture made of wood.

Glass Types

If you want pure sophistication, there are various glass dining table Singapore you can choose. There are some which are glass-top dining tables which some are made of pure glass where interior designers can play with light and brings sparkly effect.

Dining tables in Round or Peculiar Shapes

Some deviate from the normal rectangular table design by choosing round dining tables or those that are made from a specific wood that has been cut in total disregard with proportion. This is also applicable for those who want their dining tables customized by the furniture store where you can have in oval, round, or freeform.

The modern Metal table tops

You can also choose a modern metal table top for your next dining table. It fits with contemporary or modern style home and it gives a minimalist kind of style. Moreover, it is easy to clean with few wipes.


Marble top dining tables are also easy to clean. It’s strong and elegant vibe makes it fall into the list of the classic dining table for the classic and contemporary interior. However, marbles are usually used in kitchens.

Your dining table is a significant furniture piece in every home. Therefore, one should give high regard in choosing the best one according to their needs and home interior.