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Different Use Of Curtains And Blinds In A House

Curtains, from years are being used to decorate the home interior and also to create privacy. A house without curtains seems like a person with cloth. This is the importance that the curtain has in a house.

Now, coming to the blinds then its introduction is not very old. However, in a small span of time, it has proved its worth. In fact, in the present day house, where the houses are constructed in less area, blinds are the perfect replacement of curtains. And now it has evolved with the time perfectly.  In Singapore, the blinds, which were prominently used in the offices has now moved into the home interior decoration and because of its versatility, it has become more worthy than before.

curtains and blinds

Can curtains and blinds go together?

Both curtains and blinds solve the same purpose to stop sunlight, dust and dirt, to décor home and to separate two places. However, curtains alone or blind alone cannot solve all the purposes. But, together they can make charisma in home interiors. See how they complement each other

  • Blinds are fitted in the windows, it cannot be fitted at the front door of the house or at the doors of bedrooms, kitchen and store room. Here, curtains are used, because of its easy maneuvering.
  • The east facing houses face the problem of excessive sunlight, especially during summer. Curtains alone cannot obstruct the complete light, until the blackout curtain is used. Contrary to that blinds has this capability. One, who has this kind of house, can go with the combination of curtains and blinds and make the room cozy and comfortable.
  • In the open space again this is the blind that can solve the purpose like creating shade and separating the area.

So, this how both curtains and blinds can be combined together to get the maximum benefits of both.