Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Pool Design Every Homeowner Should Know

If you are building a new house or planning to renovate your existing one to include a swimming pool, you definitely want to get the best results. Building a house is a huge investment, as is constructing a swimming pool. A swimming pool adds a luxurious element to your home, making it look even lovelier. You likely have numerous plans for your pools, including hosting a pool party, practicing professionally, or just lounging by the pool. One of the most crucial steps to achieving the luxurious pool you desire is determining the best design for your home and space. Below are some essential tips to help you choose the best pool design for your home. 

Map Out the Pool Size    

Even though you can still make memorable moments in a small pool, some people like the versatility of a pool that stretches from one corner of the backyard to the other. Generally, inground pools are presented in various sizes, including 20 by 40 feet, 16 by 32 feet, and 10 by 20 feet, usually smaller. However, pool builders Jacksonville FL, can help homeowners customize their pools to fit the available space. Mapping out your pool’s size will include activities like:    

  • Drawing a rough blueprint of your outdoor space
  • Identifying an appropriate pool location and determining the desired size
  • Marking on your blueprint any features that may influence the location of your pool, e.g., fences, trees, etc.

Compare Different Pool Shapes

Typically, your pool’s shape serves both style and function. For instance, a geometric pool depicts a more modern appearance, while a curved pool will offer a more lagoon feel. You can opt for a kidney or oval-shaped pool if you have an extended yard. The various shapes inground pools can take include rectangle, oval, round, freeform, Roman, infinity, kidney, and L-shaped.

Set Your Vision

Primarily, there are numerous pool designs available for homeowners to choose from. Whether you want your backyard to resemble a hotspot for the neighborhood children, a rustic getaway, an athlete’s oasis, or a tropical lagoon, there is a perfect design for you. Determining your vision of your pool will help you make better decisions and get great results. It is important to consider other house members when deciding what you want your pool to look like. 

Pool Depth

It is crucial to consider your pool’s depth, especially if you plan to take a lot of dives. The good news is that while working with a reputable pool contractor, you can customize your pool to any length you need. Also, ensure to check your local regulations to avoid encountering legal complications. 

Determine Your Budget

Different pool designs will come with different price requirements. Check the market prices to determine how much you expect to spend when constructing your pool. But, it is advisable to go for designs that align with your budget. You can consider curve pool designs as they help lower your costs while maximizing the square footage.