House Maids

Finding a House Helper: Do I Need A Maid Agency?

If you are tired of hiring a house helper over and over again on your own or based on your friend’s recommendations, and yet are not satisfied with the help you are getting, you might want to consider hiring through an agency. Getting a maid can be easy but it could be difficult to hire a good one especially when you do the whole hiring process all on you own. If you have been finding and hiring maids on your own and still haven’t found the best foreign domestic helper for you then it would be worth it to engage the services of a maid agency. The fees the agency charges will be well worth it as you won’t have to deal with the same problem over and over again.

What can the agency do for you?

Maid agencies can actually do the job of searching for the right house helper for you. All you have to do is raise all your concerns and the nature of work you seek from a house helper. Moreover, you can include the nationality of the maid you are looking to hire. This information will be their basis in narrowing down your options. Afterwhich, the agency will allow you to personally interview the applicants so that you’d be able to assess their personality. This is important since they’ll be staying at your house for as long as what is stated in the contract (usually 2 years for the length of the work permit). The maid agency will also be the one to arrange all the necessary paperwork for your maid’s working permit and the likes of it so that you will not have to fret. Thus, if you are not completely familiar with all the processes, it would be easier to seek the services of the maid agency.

Security for Your Family

Top maid agency in SingaporeYou’d also be able to avoid other bad experiences if you engagethe services of a maid agency. These agencies have long-time partners from source countries approved by the Ministry of Manpower or MOM. Thus, you are assured that the maids are relatively well trained and mindful of work ethics in the country. They would also have some form of fundamental training overseas and a one day course by MOM when they reach Singapore.

Maid agency help is actually useful especially to those who are hiring maids for the first time. The agency will guide you through out the process and would be able to help you in hiring the best domestic helper suited for your needs.