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The rise in domestic help in Singapore

The busy lifestyle of Singaporeans has left them with limited time to tend to matters at home, and while they have their careers to tend to, time at home just seems too short. Many have turned to hiring foreign domestic helpers to take care of their home, and very often also the people staying in their home. Examples include young children who needs constant attention, the elderly who needs someone to keep a look out for their safety, or the never-ending laundry and ironing, pets which needs to be fed and floors which needs to be mopped, the list goes on.

It is no surprise that many Singaporeans have turned to hiring foreign domestic workers to help them in their home. BUT where do you start when you look for your helper? It is important to first identify what are your home primary needs. Is it to take care of a bedridden elderly, a newborn child, or simply for household chores? Finding the right helper for an employer is also very much a ‘matchmaking’ job. We identify the FDW’s strengths and carefully match them with employers who needs someone with these strengths. It is also good to do an interview, so that both employer and FDW can speak with each other and understand their personalities better.

Skills & Resources Consultancy is here to help you to choose the best domestic helper.

Who are we?

With 31 years of experience, we are proud to say that we are one of the leading Cambodian maid agencies in Singapore. We provide the maid that best fits the needs and requirements of our clients. We provide orientation to our domestic helpers to ensure they are ready to begin their work with the assigned family.

As members of AEAS (Association of Employment Agencies Singapore), we abide by the rules and guidelines set and we are also up-to- date with the industry standards.

In 2015, we were one of the six employment agencies that were selected by Ministry of Manpower to bring in domestic helpers from Cambodia. This proves our credibility, as we venture to be one of the best Cambodian maid agencies in Singapore.

Our services

Our services as highly trustable Cambodian maid agency includes screening of foreign domestic helpers through personal interviews to ensure they are fit to work as domestic helpers, direct hire application service for Singaporeans who wants a specific domestic helper, renewal of work permit or passport and home leave documentation to relieve our clients of paper works, air ticket arrangements and cancellation of work permit to ensure a smooth transition, insurance and security bond which is highly reliable, consultation and counseling during the contract term to counter any problems faced by the domestic helpers, as well as overseas and local training to ensure they are well-equipped with the needed skills.

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