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Getting to Know More about Induction Cookers

Solar cookers are known as energy efficient means of cooking foods as it uses a renewable source of energy which is free and environment friendly. This type of technology is quite new however and it still has its own unaddressed inconveniences and disadvantages which makes it difficult to use for daily cooking. It’s good to know that there are now induction cookers.

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More Info on Induction Cookers

This type of cooking technology has become more popular recently and it may be the best ever. You might ask if this technology has the advantages that you like to have when cooking and preparing foods or if it is worth investing in instead of the traditional ways.

Hence it is crucial to check on the advantages and disadvantages that this cooking technology has:


When we use the traditional gas stove, we expose ourselves to the open flame and possible gas leaks when it is not maintained and used the right way. For electric-powered stoves, the heating coils turn red when they are used. These dangers are not present in induction cookers. An induction cooker only activates when a material containing sufficient ferrous content is placed above it.

There’s also no wasted heat when using induction cookers. Unlike gas powered stoves that can only use 40 percent of heat energy, induction cookers make use of 84 percent of heat for cooking. The heat it gives is also more accurate and it is possible for you to adjust the heating as well. One other thing that makes an induction cooker stand out is its aesthetics appeal. It doesn’t have any byproduct; hence it only occupies a small space.


One downside of this cooking technology is that you can only use cooking vessels that have ferromagnetic materials in them. It is not possible for you to use Pyrex, copper and also aluminum wares. You can remedy this by buying an induction disc that will work as an adapter for you to use non-ferromagnetic cookware. One other thing is that it is powered by electricity which may be a problem when power interruptions are common in your area.