Getting to know more about Tecno

Tecno is not a household name in the international scene, but here in Singapore, it’s the standard.


Singaporeans are proud of many things and one of that is our work ethics and how we strive for greatness. We leveled up our status and presence in the world because of hard work, perseverance and how we made our dear Lion city a great place to be and this radiates in many forms.

In technology, the known powerhouse is not a Singapore house brand but with Tecno, we are proud to call it our own. (Maybe if they would have a smartphone flagship killer, people in Singapore would be the people that will make it big). But kidding aside, even if Tecno is not that known (by a certain percentage that is) but the look and built quality with the appliances that they develop, they make sure that it performs quite splendidly. Tecno

Tecno promises in creating quality products when you see it’s from Tecno you know that what you are buying is quality and proudly our own. Their products are geared towards your home and your family and if that doesn’t attract you to buy what Tecno has to offer then I don’t know what is. In a place where it’s heavily influenced by international brands, Tecno has surely made its mark and its name as one of the staples in Singapore’s appliance centers in store and online. Each Tecno products are made with the highest quality standards so that it can stand the test of time and are means for long term uses. You know that if you buy and have Techno appliances in your home it means that you have something that is quality. Trust me when I say that they wouldn’t last this long if it weren’t for their quality controls.

Buying Tecno

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