If a vacuum cleaner is the evolution of the broom, then maybe if witches were real (the fiction type), they might be riding a vacuum cleaner instead of their old and musty broom.

The vacuum cleaner in Singapore

But kidding aside, if you have kids, there will be a time (in their toddler years onwards) wherein they will be curious vacuum cleaneron those boring household chores that you hate that they would try to do them as well and replicate you or your helper on the matter. They will try to cook, fold clothes, buy vegetables, sweep the floor, mop it, try to dress you and other household chores. They will do it but will make more of a mess than a clean-up but it’s also a good age to train them, because it’s still fun to them.

One of the most fascinating thing that they will love to use are electronics and household appliances especially the ever fun vacuum cleaner. it‘s loud, it sucks up dirt, it can be pulled or pushed. It’s the perfect toy for the growing child but the problem is it isn’t a toy, it’s a house appliances.

But what makes a good vacuum cleaner? Clan clean (of course), has a strong suction power, not that noisy, safe, easy to use and durable.

The innovation

Those features that was mentioned is not an overnight success, when it comes to innovation you can say that there are a lot of brands out there but all their inventions are patented that means not all vacuum cleaners from various brands are the same. It takes year to get the right formula in order to make the perfect vacuum cleaner that you can use in your homes. It’s not rocket science but it did undergo countless trial and error, samples after samples, prototype after prototype and fix after fix in order to come up with a product that you can say, it’s a good vacuum cleaner.

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