Great Features of Modern Contemporary Rugs That You Should Know About

Many homeowners look to modern contemporary rugs to provide a beautiful accent to a room’s décor, and this is a great strategy due to the many incredible features commonly found in modern rugs.

If the rest of your home already has a modern vibe to it, then you should definitely consider getting some more contemporary rugs to match these existing aesthetics. The best part about contemporary rugs is that they come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colors, so there’s undoubtedly something online to match your unique needs!

The industry experts at Rug Source have helped us develop this list of features oriented around modern contemporary rugs that you should know about, so take it from the pros in that these are some of the reasons why you should consider this rug style!

Modern Contemporary Rug Construction

The first thing rug shoppers should know about modern contemporary rugs is how they’re made, and most modern rugs are either hand-knotted or hand-tufted.

With the hand-knotted method, an expert artisan will utilize an intricate interweaving technique within the wefts and warps of the rug’s foundation, and each wool strand will be interlaced to perfection within the rug’s design.

With hand-tufted rugs, a CAD machine is utilized to develop the rug’s foundation structure, and then the rest of the rug is woven within the machine-made frame. Both construction options typically feature natural materials, and hand-tufted rugs are usually more affordable as compared to hand-knotted rugs.

Modern Rug Designs

One of the main reasons why rug shoppers love modern contemporary rugs is their unique design, and these styles often feature geometric shapes like squares, ovals and circles. Simplicity truly is key when it comes to modern rug designs, and this is something that a lot of people truly appreciate.

Modern rugs can often be massive focal points of a room, or they seamlessly blend in within the room’s décor. Your option is ultimately up to your personal preferences, but it goes to show that you simply can’t go wrong when you invest in a modern area rug!

A Uniquely Warm Touch

Modern wool rugs are your go-to option when you’re looking to add an extra bit of soft warmth to your home’s flooring, and this is because wool just so happens to be an incredibly warm rug material that’s also soft.

Walking barefoot on your modern wool rugs will feel amazing, and it’ll surely provide an extra bit to your décor.

Modern Rugs Are Long-Lasting

Most handmade modern rugs are also very durable because they’re made with natural materials like wool or cotton. This means that when you invest in contemporary area rugs, you can potentially keep them for decades and even pass them down to next generations.

And another great part about investing in high-quality modern rugs is that they’ll accrue in value over time!

Contact The Specialists at Rug Source To Learn More About Modern Contemporary Rugs!

There truly is a lot that rug shoppers need to think about when they’re shopping online for modern contemporary rugs, and you’ll always put your rug shopping in a much better place when you team up with people that know what they’re doing.

Today there are many great online rug outlets, and Rug Source just so happens to be one of the best because they offer great prices and unbeatable customer support. If you have any questions while browsing through their modern rugs, you can speak directly with an expert within a matter of minutes.

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