Handy Provides You with Kitchen Island Suggestions for Great Custom Kitchen Islands


According to Handy, a well-designed kitchen island is not only super functional but can also serve as a focal point of your home. However, kitchen remodeling is no easy task. You have to work with limited space and carefully evaluate your options to achieve a balance between beautiful design, form, and functionality to truly make the space feel like home.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to build a great custom kitchen island:

  • Consider the main purpose – A kitchen island can serve multiple purposes such as prepping meals, cooking, and even for entertainment. However, it is useful to focus on one aspect to reduce the cost and make the space suitable for the main purpose.

It should include a prep sink and a large surface area that allows you to prepare the ingredients of the meal. For post-meal cleanup, having a dishwasher can serve well. For cooking, you have to add adequate ventilation and include space for essential appliances such as microwave, cooktop, warming drawers, and range.

The countertop should have ample space for dining or serving your family members or guests along with a sufficient seating zone around it.

  • Consider the kitchen island design – A kitchen island doesn’t have to be rectangular. You can substitute the common shape with an L-shape, T-shape, or even a rounded island if it matches the space in your kitchen better.

You can even opt to build freestanding kitchen islands instead of a built-in island. Although they can be less permanent, a portable or mobile kitchen island is just as functional, especially for small spaces. Since you can custom build it you can include all sorts of amenities including storage, fixtures, seating, appliances, and more.

  • Focus on the lighting in the kitchen space – Kitchen island lighting is crucial and it needs to be both aesthetic and practical. It is recommended that you incorporate a mix of different lighting types including ceiling-mount, recessed, and pendant lights. It is also important to ensure that the space receives plenty of natural light.

A line of pendant light fixtures above the kitchen island can not only look elegant but infuse the space with a lovely charm. And you can use low-hanging light bulbs that act as task lighting for making it easier to do the prep work. However, it is important to ensure that you install dimmable lights so that you can adjust the mood of the room when cooking or dining.

  • Consider the features you want – The materials you choose for your kitchen island are incredibly important. Marble and granite countertops look gorgeous but require routine maintenance since they are porous. Quartz and laminate surfaces are a better alternative if you want a durable surface that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Also, you have to carefully consider the storage options that you want to include in your kitchen island. These include display storage, shallow open shelves, extra-deep drawers, vertical slots, open shelving, drawers for storing dishes and cutlery, and more.


Handy suggests you hire a reputed professional for building your custom kitchen island. An expert can provide you with practical suggestions after arriving at your space and recommend you the best options.

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