How do you make a Shaker kitchen look modern?

Shaker Cabinets, Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

You might be confused if you have looked through a lot of cabinet catalogs and noticed Shaker Cabinets. This term is not related to earthquakes or trembling, but rather refers to a religious sect that was founded in the United States in the 1780s.

Because of their unconventional movements during worship services, the Shakers were often known as the Shaking Quakers. The Shaker sect is almost extinct now, although there’s still one Shaker village in Maine. But the furniture style that they used has remained a part of their simple life. Shaker furniture, including tables, chairs, cabinets, and other decor, are still very popular even though they have been around for a few hundred more years.

Clean lines

Shaker kitchen cabinets are well-known for their simplicity. They are great for modern kitchens and homes that embrace minimalist decor. A five-piece Shaker cabinet door is the most basic. It has a recessed central panel and no edge detailing. Although it is available in many kinds of wood and finishes, this door is very basic. It usually lacks any hardware or features a simple knob or pull.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker cabinets can be made with more detail by some companies. These cabinets often have some type of decorative edging or beadboard in the rails and stiles. This gives the door an extra touch of elegance. These cabinet doors are transitional and can be used with a variety of kitchen designs. These doors are ideal for many different remodeling options.

Drawer Fronts

Shaker drawer fronts can be made in many different styles, just like Shaker cabinet doors. A simple, one-piece slab drawer face is the most common. However, you might also find a more elegant and sophisticated option with a recessed center panel. These can be fitted with either a single drawer pull or none depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Color varieties

White Shaker kitchen cabinets are the most popular. They are often accompanied by other white elements such as countertops, floors, and backsplashes. You can also purchase Shaker cabinets stained in different wood tones. Shaker cabinets can also be painted in interesting colors like off-white or gray. They are easy to paint because of their simplicity.

Combining simplicity

You can pair Shaker cabinets with almost any item because they are so simple and clean. You can dress up your room by adding a backsplash in a bright color or pattern, or a quartz countertop with interesting colors. You can also let simplicity run through your kitchen by pairing them with plain white subway tiles or countertops and wood- or laminate floor.

Shaker kitchen cabinets can be used in any style, from rustic farmhouse kitchens to minimalist spaces with minimal decoration. You, the homeowner, have the freedom to do almost anything with the space without having to use fancy hardware or interfere with intricate designs or lines. You have a blank slate to work with, and Shaker decor makes it easy to let your imagination run wild.

These simple, yet elegant cabinets will intrigue you. Mr. Cabinet Care will tell you all about the options available for a beautiful, clean Shaker kitchen. For further details or to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants, visit us at