How Often to Service Your Garage Door

Garage doors are supposed to be one of the most durable parts of your home. And by long-lasting and durable, I mean they should last ten or more years before needing any major repairs. If you’re like me, you probably think the garage door was meant to last forever and will work flawlessly until it’s time for a new garage door.

If you’re like most of us, you do use your garage quite often. Due to the frequency, you use your garage door, it’s always a good idea to bring it to a professional for an annual inspection and maintenance. By doing so, you can ensure that your garage door will keep on keeping on.

Admittedly, I knew little about garages when I first bought my home. I had never really thought much about my garage door other than making sure it worked when I wanted it to (this was before we moved in and before the previous owner moved out).

What To Look Out For To know Your Door Needs Service

When the time came to bring in a professional to assess the door and the overall condition, we were told several things:

1) The springs may not be strong enough to keep the door in place.

2) The wheels on the rails may have been bent or damaged.

3) The rollers of the panel doors may have been damaged.

4) Parts of the garage door needed to be sanded down and repainted. We could not see these things on our own because they were not readily apparent while we were looking at them before signing a lease agreement. It’s an instance where you should always bring in a professional before making any big investment in your home’s appearance.

Seasonal Maintenance

The most important thing to remember when it comes to garage door service is that you should clean and check your door and its components at the end of each season.

1) Clean the garage floor regularly and without fail. This is a major point that can often be overlooked but is essential for keeping cool in the summer months and for protecting your floors from humidity damage in the winter months – especially if you have carpeting in your garage.

2) Drains must be cleaned or replaced if they are clogged. If there are any cracks or holes near them, they should also be fixed now while they’re still in good condition.

3) If the springs or cables are corroded or rusted, they must be replaced before any repairs occur.

4) Take out time to inspect the tracks and rollers so that you can identify whether you have any of them are worn or damaged. If they are, replace them immediately. This is essential because a bad roller can cause the door to fall and even crush someone if it’s an overhead door.

5) The seal should be kept in good condition year-round and inspected for tears or weak spots.

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