The Importance Of Containers In The Shipping Industry

The container units are part and parcel of the marine industry. These are storage units to store various kinds of products that need to be shipped from one part of the world to another. They can be loaded onto the ships using cranes. They will help in protecting the products stored inside them during the shipping and are suited for long journeys. Using them will ensure that the products are safe and will reach its destination in one piece.

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Varying sizes and designs of containers

The size of the containers will vary depending on the products that need to be shipped. They might be designed in such a way that they meet the needs of transporting certain special items. Normally, these units are made to meet all the requirements of cargo shipping. They come in various sizes, materials, dimension, and structure so that all products and goods that need to be shipped are covered. There are even container manufacturers in Malaysia who design them according to the needs of their clients or according to the dimensions and the type of products.

The common types of shipping units

The following are some of the common types of shipping container units.

  • Dry storage units

They are made using dry materials and come in various sizes like 20ft, 40ft, etc., according to ISO specifications.

  • Open top unit

A unit with a convertible top can be used as an open top unit. All that is needed is to remove the top so that materials which have more height can be shipped easily.

  • Double door units

These storage units are offered with double doors so that the items can be easily loaded and unloaded. They are often made using steel, iron, and aluminum and come in sizes of 20ft and 40 ft.

  • Refrigerated storage units

These containers Malaysia have temperature controllers to control the temperature inside the unit. They are mainly used to ship perishable items like fish, vegetables, and meat.