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Interior Decorating Themes That Will Surely Be A Hit This 2017

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Whether you have just bought a new house in Singapore or would just like to give your old place a new look as part of your surprise gift ideas to your better half, choosing what design to apply can be a very challenging task. Applying new concepts that will suit your style and character could make your home a more beautiful place to live in. To make things easy, it is best to search online for the best decorating themes you might like to consider.


Different Categories


For youngsters who like fun and color in their place, a 60s theme will be the best option. Funky furniture and decors, consisting of swirly styles, colored green and orange are main components of this concept. Add some classy accessories like lamps or wall aquariums.


For people who like serenity, a Singapore theme would just be perfect. Try to keep things minimal. Simple lines along with oriental rugs and natural pieces like bonsai plants, rocks, falls, and bamboo would be more than enough to yield a relaxing atmosphere.


Beach lovers can try a tropical theme. Make waves, sun, and warm present in your home. White or neutral shades will give an airy feel to your space. The use of wooden furniture, indoor plants, and sheer window treatments will set up the mood for this concept.


For intricacy that is not exaggerated, a contemporary theme will work best. The main focus is on space rather than the decors. Sleek lines, black color, and geometric shapes all represent this style. Believe in the saying, “Simplicity is Beauty”.


People who are not meant to live a life indoors would surely appreciate a Western theme. Textured wall paint, leathered seats and pillow coverings, and woven rugs are just a few of the most famous elements of this style. Cowboy gears and antlers hanged on walls are typical accessories.


Additional Tips


Be more creative. Try to use your imagination and mix match colors and patterns. There’s no harm in trying. With just a few searches from the top search engines, you are sure to get some excellent ideas that would work best to your place.


What more can be satisfying than to have a beautiful resting area after long hours of school or work. Start caring for your home. Give it a new and more beautiful look. The best style is one that represents your style and personality. Remember that Singapore is a tropical country and its good to have materials that last in its hot and humid weather.