Learning About The Types Of Massage Service

massage service singapore
massage service singapore

Massage is a very common term that we all hear the recent times. It is a term that is used for rubbing, pressing and manipulating the skin, muscles, ligaments and the tendons. The massage therapists generally use their hands and fingers for the purpose of massaging but if required they also use their elbows, forearms and even their feet depending on the needs. You can simply find a number of massage service in Singapore, where you can avail the best of the services at an affordable price.

Types of massage services which is worth considering

There are a number of different types of massage service in Singapore which are as described below.


  • Swedish massage


This is basically a gentle massage which uses long strokes, movements that are deep circular in nature, kneading, vibration as well as tapping that helps to relax and revitalize.


  • Deep – tissue massage


In this massaging technique, slow but more forceful strokes are used for targeting the inner and deeper layers of muscles & connective tissue. This is helpful in the treatment of damage of muscles resulting from injuries.


  • Sports massage


As the name indicates, this massage is specially designed for the sportsperson that helps in the prevention of injuries. It also increases the rate of recovery from any kind of injuries.


  • Trigger – point massage


As it can be understood from the name of the massage, this massaging technique focuses on particular trigger points or sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers which can be formed as a result of injuries or overuse of the muscles.

Apart from the above – mentioned massaging types, you can also find a number of other massaging techniques in Singapore which are designed according to the needs and requirements of the customers. The trained therapists are highly experienced and perform the massage in the most effective way.