Living Room Trends That Will Possibly Last

Trends in living rooms come and go. Take a look at the trends below to see which ones might outlast the others. Here are six living room trends that could last a long time.

Barn Doors

Barn doors have been increasingly popular in recent years, and they’re fantastic for various reasons. Barn doors, for example, can save a lot of floor space. Instead of traditionally requiring permission to open an entry, it slides along the wall. Granted, you’ll need enough wall space to make it work, but it’s a terrific solution for compact spaces where every inch matters. Barn doors are also fantastic since they offer architectural interest and come in various styles, including modern, vintage, wood, and glass.

While recycled wood is frequently used, the style has changed tremendously, and people now use various materials. But have they made the transition from fad to classic? Barn doors will almost certainly date home to the early years of the new century in years to come. Still, their practicality means they’ll never go out of style entirely.

The verdict: If you like the aesthetic of barn doors and the amount of room they can save you, consider having one. Their usefulness will never go out of style, but they’re simple to remove if the aesthetic does.


Over the previous century, sectionals have come and gone several times. On the one hand, they’re excellent because they can hold many people, but they can be tough to deal with because they’re so large and unwieldy. The problem with sectionals is that they don’t last very long. Will it still fit if you change residences in the future? You’ll need either a right corner or a large enough area to draw it away from the walls.

They’re not a choice for those part of the tiny house movement, but they’re usually safe for people who live in larger dwellings. They are, nevertheless, a danger to everyone else. They’re not cheap, and the need to replace one can be costly. Even though their popularity appears to come in waves, sectionals are likely to remain popular for a long time. They could merely go into hiding for a bit.

The verdict: If you have the space and a sectional is something you want, go for it. However, keep in mind that it may or may not work for you. There are numerous factors to consider before making a purchase. For example, a modular 2-seater sofa and a couple of chairs would be a safer option if you anticipate you’ll be relocating in the next ten years or so.


This design is inexpensive to install and offers rooms a relaxing, farmhouse, or coastal vibe. It provides architectural interest to walls, just like any other wood paneling. In many situations, it may give a property a sense of history and a vintage aspect (even if the home is brand new). Shiplap is best used in homes that want to have a relaxed feel.

The verdict: While the shiplap design is attractive, its popularity is unlikely to endure. It will always look fantastic in cottages, cabins, and farmhouses. Still, it will quickly become outdated in the rest of the world.

Rug Layering

Layering rugs is a relatively new (though not unique) trend in the decor world. Layering patterned or colorful rugs atop jute or sisal, in particular. It began to give a room a bohemian feel, but it has since grown popular in rooms of various styles. It’s frequently utilized when a lovely patterned rug isn’t large enough to cover the necessary area.

It’s also great for combining various textures. This design may be too ‘messy’ and not elegant enough for some. Still, it’s a terrific way for others to incorporate color and pattern while anchoring a space. It’s handy in open-concept rooms where you need to define zones more clearly.

The verdict: Don’t let this one go unnoticed! Using rugs to define rooms and add individuality is a terrific method. There’s no one-size-fits-all style with so many colors, textures, patterns, and sizes to choose from, and the concept is destined to become a classic.

Gallery Walls

Are you fed up with staring at gallery walls? This isn’t the first time you’ve felt this way. Gallery walls have been very popular for the previous decade or so. Almost every home in North America appears to have these (and Europe, for that matter). But here’s the thing: even though some people are sick of them, gallery walls aren’t going away anytime soon. People enjoy art, and gallery walls are a great way to showcase it without choosing. What’s impressive about them is that they can be as big or tiny as you wish, and they can expand with your art collection. As a result, gallery walls are a fantastic living room art option (or any other room for that matter).

The verdict: A trend, but some trends are destined to become classics. If gallery walls fall into this category, only time will tell.

Slipper Furniture

Slipper furniture (sofas and chairs) is upholstered with no arms and low seating. They’re trendy in contemporary interiors and tiny areas because of their clean lines and slender forms. Their appeal can be attributed to how easy they are to work with. They can “snap” into practically any location. Slipper chairs have been around for over a century and were once commonplace in bedrooms and dressing rooms. However, they’ve made their way into living rooms and other spaces in recent years. This move also signaled a shift in style. While traditional slipper chairs were delicate and feminine in design, many modern designs are more plain and contemporary.

The verdict: Given people have been using slipper chairs, they will almost certainly always have a place in homes. But the modern variants sprouting up in living rooms may not fare as well in the future decades. Because they don’t have arms to rest on, they’re not as comfortable as other kinds, and their usefulness may not be enough to compensate.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels