A luxury bathroom is something we all deserve inside our home. Creating the wow factor here is important as it sets the tone for the rest of your home. The bathroom is a popular space to transform into luxury, not to mention the value it adds to your home. We’ve enlisted expert help to show you the top luxury bathroom trends.

Smart and Digital Showers

Consider installing a smart and digital shower. This is fantastic for offering full connectivity to the smart home by combining the precise electronic control of a digital shower with the modern convenience of voice and app activation. Additionally, you can personally set your own shower settings and profiles for each of your family members so you can shower with the perfect setting each time. A smart and digital shower offers the most luxurious shower, adding to the finishing touches of your bathroom space. Whilst it’s important you cover the design and accessories; the functionality of the room is important too.

Image Credit: Aqualisa | Smart and Digital Shower


Matching your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, toilet brush, and soap dish creates a running theme, which is a beautiful way of tying the room in together as well as incorporating additional robe hooks, towel rails and shelving in similar hues. For the extra stylish accessories, you can explore neutral décor pieces such as decorative coral, candles, and oil fragrances.

Bathroom accessories are just as important as your towels and shower, the entire space comes together by piecing together small elements of interior design, setting the tone for the room. Our personal favourites include an industrial style bathroom featuring matte black bathroom sets and natural metal mirror frames. Alternatively, if the glam life suits you more, you can incorporate a chandelier above your bathtub, some beautiful white towels, glass bathroom sets and lots of fresh, white flowers.

Colour Scheme

Keep your colour scheme relevant to the style of interior design you are trying to achieve. If you’re looking for contemporary, luxury, elegance, you need to reflect this in your colour scheme. Going with black, white, and grey is perfect here. By incorporating neutral hues within your bathroom allows for you to include darker accessories. You’ll have much more to work with by creating a blank canvas and allowing the fresh, new tones to flow beautifully through your bathroom without over doing the colour scheme.

Free Standing Baths

From a design perspective, the free-standing bath is a beautiful central piece to any bathroom. The free-standing bath is also the perfect way to introduce natural elements to the bathroom, for example marble, or other white stone. You can feature pendants or a chandelier above the bath to create a real focal point to the room. From a design perspective, you can creative as possible with your bathroom design here, from bringing nature indoors by setting the bath surrounded by large natural pebbles or creating a contemporary design with a ceiling tap. Our personal favourite is placing your free-standing bath by a large window letting in lots of light. This is perfect if your home boasts a beautiful view, where nobody can look in of course!