Mark Roemer Oakland Gives Decorating Strategies for A Modern-Day Style Master Bedroom


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are several strategies that you can use to decorate a modern master bedroom. Thus, you have to consider your specific tastes and the specific decor themes in order to narrow down a decorating strategy that would be the best option for you.

The Strategies

Here are a few decorating strategies that you can follow for a modern-day style master bedroom:

  • Follow modern color schemes and natural materials – Modern home decor styles are dominated by neutral color schemes and so should be your modern-day master bedroom. Thus, the primary palette in the main bedroom should be composed of bright and cheery color schemes such as shades of cream, brown, gray, white, and black.

You can use wooden, plastic, and chrome materials to celebrate the look of the modern and mid-century modern decor style in your master bedroom. The surfaces of modern rooms should be shiny and smooth. For the most part, the bedroom should feature highly polished or lacquered furniture, polished floors, and metal (chrome) accents and glass to create a clean modern vibe.

  • Modern furniture – Modern decor style chooses function over appearance. Thus, there should be no furniture in the room just for the sake of appearance. Every piece of furniture should be functional, versatile, and add depth to the space. It is recommended that you add special furniture in the room to add a point of interest in the room. For instance, a dandelion light fixture can prevent the space from becoming too sterile and dull.

Sleek and functional furniture such as a bed frame with in-built floating shelves that serve as side tables or benches with storage space at the foot of the bed fit perfectly in a modern master bedroom.

  • Ensure a calm and relaxing vibe – The bedroom should be free of any clutter and have a light and airy vibe to it. Keeping the bedroom clean and tidy can help to achieve that purpose. Also, only add specific items in the room that fulfills a specific purpose to allow the space to feel spacious and infuse it with a sense of minimalism.

If the space feels too minimalistic, you can add angular light fixtures such as atomic style fixtures to balance the decor.

  • Use modern decor elements and touches – You can mix and match different sets of patterns and textures to play around a bit. You can hang horizontal light fixtures such as copper pendants to create a serene, calm, and lovely ambiance. Add area rugs and decorative pillows with colorful patterns to prevent the space from becoming too subdued. Create an accent wall with a solid color concept to create dynamic contrast that creates a dramatic effect.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you feature clean-lined geometric patterns, spotlight artworks, and bright pops of accent color such as red and orange in the modern master bedroom. Also, ensure you infuse the space with your own personality by adding your personal decor touches to make the space feel livelier and more vibrant.