Mark Roemer Oakland Shares How to Find High Quality and Affordable Concrete Services


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are several factors you must consider before choosing a concrete service provider. An experienced and reputable concrete contractor can provide you with the best service in the shortest time and within your budget. However, if you hire a concrete service provider without conducting due research, the whole process can turn into a nightmare.

The Steps

Here are the steps you can follow to find high quality and affordable concrete services:

  • Make a list of eligible concrete service providers – The first step is to create a list of all the available concrete service providers in your area. For finding concrete service providers, you can browse the internet and search for concrete service providers online, ask your friends and colleagues for references, and even check the phone book directory for finding leads.

Once you have made a sizeable list of choices you can stop adding any new one to the list and move on to the next step.

  • Evaluate and assess the most eligible concrete service providers – Next, it’s time to evaluate and assess the choices in the list to ensure you remove all those that are not suitable. There are several criteria that you can follow to shortlist the candidates. For instance, you can remove the companies that are less than five years old and don’t have any online presence or have negative reviews in recent years.

Next, you can check their turnaround time and also enquire about the insurance coverage they provide to ensure safety and security. Thus, you can filter according to your budget, experience needed, insurance, and more.

  • Communication and customer service– Once you have shortlisted the eligible candidates, it’s time to further eliminate the choice based on the service quality and their communication. This is a crucial step since it can allow you to glimpse the behavior of the staff and indication how the future interactions would proceed. Thus, you mustn’t skip this important step.

Book an appointment and discuss all the project details to get an estimate. During the conversation, analyze their attitude, communication, behavior, and their level of commitment towards your project.

  • Compatibility – The final step is to assess the compatibility of the concrete service provider with you or your company. Often, it can become a chore to work with a reputed company or expert service provider if they have a bad attitude or simply don’t follow your instructions.

Sometimes, other issues can crop up due to miscommunication or poor workload management, especially with large companies that have a higher workload. The pricing of the service can also affect the business relationship, but the most important factor is trust. If you believe they are charging a little higher but would offer better quality service, that’s okay.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you take your time and follow the tips listed above before hiring a concrete service provider. Once you consider all the factors and shortlist the reputed concrete service providers, you would be left with a pool of choice that only contains the best service providers.