Oxley residences in a nutshell

With the rise at Oxley residences, you can be sure that city living is surely more fun and exciting.


Oxley is a freehold condominium comprised of 120 residential units with 2 levels of commercial units. Residential areas are 462 to 1,195 sqft while commercial areas are 355 to 1,066 sqft

Amenities include: Swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a gymnasium, barbecue pit and a pavilion.rise at Oxley residences

With a place as little as Singapore we can; deny that there are a lot of people living and working here all at the same time and not to mention tourists, it’s amazing that many people are enjoying the well managed spaces in Singapore, very well managed in a sense that when you are in Singapore, it’s almost like it’s a very big place with very few people when it’s exactly the opposite.

Maybe because of how Singapore structured its developments that are very well regulated. If you compare Singapore with Tokyo you will realize how both cities don’t really differ on the development and the size but how Singapore managed its space pretty well is amazing because when you think about it, we still don’t have those mini hotels and apartments that the spaces are almost like capsules that are only good for sleeping.

On better space management

Singapore may not be a creative as Japan in managing the spaces versus the population ration but it has indeed proven that you don’t have to be creative; you just need to control how you develop in order to better manage everything.

If you would even compare it to the trends with housing schemes in the Philippines, row houses are very popular aside from condos. Row houses are usually 40 sqm. Per floor and 2 story high, condominiums can range from 20sqm to 40 sqm ranging from studio, single or two rooms and Philippines is bigger than Singapore. So this is the proof of better special strategies and it pays off because there are still a lot of rooms for new developments.