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The Pests You Can Expect To Invade Your Home This Autumn

As the crisp cool air of autumn approaches, you will want to prepare for the coming winter. Pests will ensure they survive the winter and choose to move into your house while they still have the chance. They will start to work their way into your property during those warm afternoons. To know how to deal with these pests, it is best to know which pests can invade your home this autumn. These include the following:


Rats and mice are pests to pay attention to during autumn. Like humans, they need food and warmth. Because they are quite small, they can easily crawl through tiny spaces. When it comes to invading rodents, you will be concerned about their ability to spread diseases and a lot of them like to chew on thing such as wires which can cause fire hazards. Also, these rodents don’t invade your property alone. They can also bring pests such as fleas which can impact any pets you may have. Plus, rodents have the ability to produce offspring quickly. Therefore, you must contact a professional that specializes in electronic pest control to get rid of rodents that roam in your house.


Crickets can get quite annoying when you are trying to get some sleep. Also, greenhouse camel crickets can invade your basement. You can keep them under control by sealing off any entry points, removing food and water sources as well as setting out non-toxic traps to catch them before they can cause serious issues in your property.

Ants and Cockroaches

Cockroaches and ants can in many kinds which may invade your house this autumn. They also look for a warm house that has lots of food to get survive the winter. Tiny cracks and holes in your outer walls are entry points for ants and roaches. Roaches can hide in boxes, clothes, and bags. Ensure you find these pests because they are capable of transmitting disease and can damage your house.

Stink Bugs

Although these bugs are not really terrifying, they make a big stink. As the weather gets colder outside, these bugs will come inside your house, emitting a strong odor once feel threatened. Also, stinkbug droppings can stain and ruin your belongings. Make sure you check your items before you walk into your house to make sure you do not bring these hitchhikers.