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How To Renovate Your HDB Flat in Singapore?

Designing a small flat or apartment with limited space can be challenging. However, you can definitely make your private space more cozy and beautiful if you plan things in the right manner. In this guide we will go through some of the simpler ways to handle your HDB renovation with minimal expenses and maximum effectiveness. If you feel that you are short of time, then you can also take the help of a professional designer to monitor everything. In Singapore there are several services and private architects that offer cheap designing services for small rooms and flats.

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Essential home makeover tips for HBD renovation

  • When it comes to HDB renovation you cannot embark on anything heavy like retiling the floors. Such heavy renovations may not be allowed as per the apartment regulations. Nonetheless, they can be quite costly too. So you need to plan for certain simple makeovers that can change the look of your small home.
  • Search online for some amiable HDB interior design plans and you would come across several examples you can adopt. To begin with, you can paint your walls with a fresh color that soothes your mind and senses. Some people like light shades while some love dark ones.
  • Apply a beautiful wall poster that can add some life and meaning to your walls.
  • Make use of unique furniture products that are compact yet comfortable and sturdy. For instance, you can opt for bamboo chairs with some beautiful cushions to give a natural touch.
  • Make use of beautiful carpet tiles to cover up your floors. Use a light color to make the rooms look more spacious.

Hiring a home renovation service

You can easily find several home renovation companies in Singapore that offer quality services at affordable rates.  You can also take help of an online designing agency to help you with an ideal HDB interior design that can be materialized at the lowest possible cost.