If you intend to seek help from a good maid agency, you have to follow a checklist for you to end up hiring a maid Singapore. There are many maid agencies operating in many countries and one of the most popular ones is Singapore. Singapore maids can be hired online. To start on the hiring process, you can check on the following checklist:

good maid agency

Licenses and accreditation

According to the Singapore government rules, only those agencies that are accredited and with valid licenses can operate. This means that the agency has to have a Singapore Ministry of Manpower license and an accreditation from Consumers Association of Singapore (or the Association of Employment Agencies).

Ask for referrals to get a good maid agency in Singapore

You have to seek recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues based on their actual experiences. If you know any of the recommended maids, you can go one further step. You can ask the agency in which maids go to when they’re looking for a new employer. That’s one way to find the agency that’s most popular among the many girls. It is usual for popular agencies to have the best selection of girls. It’s also likely that these agencies treat the girls fairly and that’s why they’re more popular than the others.

Look for the testimonials

You have to ensure that the maid agency has testimonials from customers that have satisfied with the service. This means that the agency offers great services that they’re able to gain the appreciation of customers. You may have to find out however if the testimonials are truthful and genuine and not made up. Genuine testimonials are those that provide specific details while the made-up ones only have general comments.

Talk to the staff of the chosen agency

It’s also good to check with the staff of the agency on some tips regarding finding the right maid. Find out as well of the maid agency has a system of pairing up the right maid with your family. Finding the right one is on a case-to-case basis which means that a good maid for one family can be the worst for another.