Selecting An Ideal Water Heater

Every home needs a warm water supply during winters or rainy days when the temperature goes too low. Hot water is not only required for bathing purpose but also for cooking and other domestic chores. Nowadays, there are advanced water heating systems available in the market that are multifunctional in nature and can fulfill all your hot water requirements. Most of the modern water heaters work on electricity. But you can also find heaters that work on gas and solar energy.  For your domestic use, when you are buying a geyser you need to consider certain parameters that can help you in enjoying more benefits and better performance.

Things to consider while buying a water heater

  • If you need hot water on various outlets like multiple bathrooms and kitchen, then you need to search for good storage water heaters. You need to select a heater that has a good storage capacity. Depending on your needs, you can choose from geysers that can heat 15 liters to 150 liters at a time.
  • For a small bathroom, you can opt for compact instant water heaters. They come in various designs and styles. Always opt for a medium sized geyser, rather than something that is too bulky or too small. Tecno is a premium Asian brand that offers cheap and quality water heaters.
  • The level of power consumption is an important factor that has to be considered while shopping for water heaters. Some heaters consume 2000 W while others consume 3000 W or more. If you use several power-consuming devices at your home like a vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, space heater or induction cooker then you need a power-saving geyser.
  • Finally, you should invest in a geyser that provides a maximum warranty for the entire device.

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