What A Service Office Offers?

There are several businesses that are start ups and have a lean margin for operating costs. For such businesses it often becomes costly to rent large office premises. In order to reduce the initial rental costs it is best to look up service office premises in cities like Singapore. This is a growing trend that is being offered by most commercial office space providers.

Difference between traditional offices versus a serviced office in Singapore

Traditional office spaces versus a serviced office Singapore space have several differences such as:

  • Traditional offices are typically without furnishings and fittings. On the other hand, a service space comes fully furnished.
  • Traditional offices take time to become functional which can be several weeks or months. On the other hand, when serviced offices are rented, these are functional from day one.
  • Traditional offices need to get the décor done and fittings for which one needs to consult an office interior designer. Serviced offices come with different décor settings in diverse styles.
  • Connectivity options as well as common facilities are provided that are ready for use in modern serviced offices. This is in contrast to a traditional office space that needs to have the necessary infrastructure set up after it is rented out.

Cost considerations

It would definitely be a higher cost or rental to consider when you are taking furnished and functional office spaces but the costs become comparable when you consider the costs you would incur when you need to get the interiors done and to convert nay commercial space into a functional office environment. At the same time, a business can start operating from day one when they shift into a functional serviced office.

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