Solar Panels and Home Insurance – What Homeowners Need to Know

Installing solar panels will help you save money on your energy costs and mean you are doing your bit for the planet. But understanding exactly how solar panels and your home insurance work together can be a bit of a challenge.

Typically, home insurance policies cover the structure of your home and the personal property within it. It gets tricky when you bring solar panels into the equation. Although they weren’t in the original design, they are a big investment, so you should make sure these are included.

Now, here’s the reassuring bit: most standard home insurance policies do cover solar panels. It isimportant to talk to your insurance provider directly though ascoverage can vary quite a bit.

Different Types of Solar Panel Installations and Their Impact on Insurance

Roof-mounted and ground-mounted are the two main types of solar installations. The type you go with may have an impact on your insurance policy.

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar panels are the most common type and are often covered under a standard home insurance policy as part of the home’s structure. Keep in mind though that installing solar panels could mean your home’s value increasing, so you might need to update your policy so that your coverage remains complete.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

On the other hand, ground-mounted solar panels are typically categorized as ‘other structures’ on home insurance policies. They might need separate coverage, much like a detached garage or shed. It’sprobably best to confirm with your insurance provider how these are treated under your policy.

Potential Changes to Home Insurance Costs

So whilethey might be covered,you might wonder at what cost? Fair point. Since installing solar panels increases your home’s value, your premiums may go up slightly to accommodate the additional coverage. But don’t let this deter you. The potential savings from your energy bills can often outweigh these costs.

Damage, Maintenance and Insurance

The same risks that face other aspects of your home also apply to your solar panels. Storms, fire, vandalism – these potential risks might make you worry about the durability of your panels. Most insurance policies cover these hazards, but it’s important to remember that routine maintenance issues are usually not included. Just like you’d maintain your home’s roof or plumbing, you’ll need to care for your solar panels.

Insurance Discounts and Solar Panels: The Bright Side

Did you know that your decision to go green could potentially lead to insurance benefits as well? Some insurance companies offer premium discounts for homeowners who install solar panels. This stems from the idea that individuals who are proactive about sustainable living are often equally proactive about home safety, thereby reducing the likelihood of insurance claims.

Green Home Discounts

Many insurers offer ‘green home’ discounts to those who make energy-efficient upgrades, which include solar panel installations. Find out what your insurance company’s policy is on discounts as it may be different from other companies and areas.


It can be difficult to figure out home insurance with solar panels. You don’t need to work this out on your own though. Contact your insurance provider if you need help when it comes to understanding your coverage and make sure you understand all the details.

Choosing solar energy is a commendable move towards sustainability. Even though it may require additional thought when it comes to your home insurance, with the right information and proper preparation, you’ll discover that it’s not only feasible but also incredibly rewarding. And remember, you are making a positive impact one solar panel at a time.