The Most Common Causes of AC Failure

An AC compressor fails over time due to internal problems that impact its performance. What are some of these common issues that impact the performance and service of an AC?

Compressor Overheating

Compressors fail as a result of overheating, which is a common problem that is the result of many factors.

Leaving an outdoor AC unit in direct sunlight with inadequate ventilation will cause it to overheat. And the compressor can overheat as a result of high voltage damaging its motor.

Other contributing factors that could cause the compressor to overheat include the level of refrigerant, a lack of insulation, and dirty coins.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels will cause an AC to fail to cool adequately. And contrary to a common misconception, refrigerant levels do not decrease with use over time. So, the decrease in refrigerant level is due to leakage and needs fixing urgently.

The lower the refrigerant level in a compressor, the more complex the compressor works to circulate the refrigerant through the system. Working under these conditions eventually wears out the compressor and causes it to fail.

Refrigerant leakage in an AC compressor can be due to cracks and corrosion from poor maintenance.

Blocked or Damaged Suction Lines

Due to aging over time, the refrigerator would develop holes and cracks, restricting the free flow of refrigerant in the system.

This situation causes the compressor to work under pressure, using more power to circulate the refrigerant through the system; this eventually leads to its breakdown. A decrease in cooling capacity is an indication of deterioration.

Call an air conditioning service to check if these signs are evident.

Incorrect Sizing of Suction Lines

Using inappropriate lengths of lines will cause a compressor to fail, and the compressor will overheat and build up pressure due to the incorrect size line.

The use of an inappropriately sized line is a common issue encountered when an inexperienced AC technician replaces the suction lines with the wrong size. To prevent this situation from occurring, always call an experienced technician who should know the appropriate suction lines to use for replacements.

Insufficiency of Lubrication

High-performance AC requires the appropriate amount of lubrication. Inadequate lubrication will cause the compressor to tear and wear faster as it must work extra hard circulating the refrigerant in the system. As the compressor works under low oil levels, its moving parts rub against each other, creating friction that will cause parts to get loose, fall apart, or get damaged.

Leakage is the primary cause of loss of lubrication. Leakages can occur at several points, such as the evaporator and condenser pipe connections or the compressor shaft seal. Inadequate lubrication causes the compressor to work under pressure, thus compromising its lifespan.

Regular maintenance by an experienced AC professional would ensure that the oil level is adequate, which keeps the compressor running correctly and for a long time.

Indeed, having experienced AC repair professionals handle your AC maintenance, such as Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, ensures dependable performance.

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