The New Wave of Smart Technology in Domestic Properties

As technology has advanced in recent years, the potential for technology to enhance the way a domestic property functions has developed into previously unimaginable ways. From home security features to the way you use your home on a daily basis in terms of light, heat, and socialising, smart technology is here to stay. Here, we take a look at the new wave of smart technology in domestic properties and how it has had an impact on different areas of a home for the better.

Smart Home Alarms

As technology has advanced the home security industry has had to keep pace. One of the areas in which there have been the greatest noticeable gains is in smart technology. One prime example of this is when you compare traditional home alarm systems with modern, smart, cloud-based home alarm systems. The traditional systems were large, difficult to install, costly and noisy, with large central units to control the systems and a level of inflexibility. With smart home alarm systems you can monitor multiple locations from one account in some instances. So a cloud based system can provide you with access to your home and business for example. The systems are easy to install and manage from a central hub via your smartphone and all data is protected and stored in the cloud. System updates also ensure that your system is protected at all times.

Smart Home Video Doorbells

This technology would have been unthinkable a couple of decades ago but with a smart video doorbell you can see who is at your front door wherever you happen to be. A video doorbell is usually slim and easy to install. It allows for dual voice functionality, allowing you to have a conversation with someone stood at your front door in the same way as an intercom system works, except you are viewing HD live video of them via your smartphone. With easy DIY installation and weatherproof products available, you can ensure your home is safe whether you are looking at the live stream from your bedroom, workplace or holiday destination.

Smart Heating and Lighting

It isn’t just home security products that have become part of the new wave of domestic smart technology. There are smart products available that allow you to connect your heating and lighting at home to your smart phone via an app. This allows you to keep an eye on your expenditure and to ensure your usage is cost effective and environmentally responsible, as well as providing that level of flexibility and functionality by controlling when and how your heating and lighting is switched on and off, even when you are not at home.

Virtual Assistants

The most widely known and popular instances of domestic smart technology are with the virtual assistants that can be connected to anything and everything in your home. These products are known to connect to your home televisions sets, offer you answers to questions you have about the daily weather, trivia quiz questions, and the latest number one, as well as controlling the lighting, temperature and home alarm systems.

The new wave of smart technology is here to stay for domestic properties. You can choose to have greater control and connectivity between different appliances within your home, from lighting and heating to all aspects of home security systems.