House Maids

The Process Of Hiring A Maid For Your Domestic Needs


When the workload in an office or any business becomes too heavy for a single person to deal with, we employ some other employees regarding salary so that we can lessen the workload as well as complete the work in the stipulated period without any further problem. Same is the case in our households. It is tough for an individual to maintain all the daily chores of the house right from cleaning, laundry, cooking, and gardening, looking after each and every member of the house and their needs and much more. It is thus very essential to hire a domestic helper so that the work gets distributed from an individual to two or more.

Find a reliable maids agency in Singapore

Several maid agencies are licensed in Singapore. They recruit girls and work as an intermediately between the two parties. The work of this maid agency is to help the clients by hiring them the suitable maid by their work and wages. These organizations provide bio-data of several maids to the customers and from there the customer can choose the maid they want to.  Sometimes the agencies also arrange an interview session between the two parties either through webcam or telephones which makes this process of hiring much more convenient. Hence, there is no need to worry as there is always a professional maids agency available in Singapore.

Hiring for the first time?

If you are hiring a maid for the first time, then you have to attend the three hours Employer’s Orientation Program or EOP, which will help you to understand how to do the responsibility and tasks as an employer and how to conduct yourself with the Filipino maids. You also have to go through some paper works with the maid agencies which will include the hours of work and service packages or purchase of any accident insurance for your maid. Whenever you are hiring a maid, check all the documents very carefully to avoid fraud.

Moreover, get a clear review of the history of the Filipino maid whom you are hiring for your house to work.