Things One Should Know About Picture Rail

A picture rail in the room may help give the impression that it is a larger area. Picture rails heighten the space and give it a more polished appearance. They can also be quite helpful for filling vertical gaps, which can give the appearance of a larger room.

Although a picture rail by itself can not physically enlarge a room, it can be used to give the impression that it does. A picture rail can be an excellent method to freshen up the decor in a space without having to make any significant, more expensive, or time-consuming adjustments.

Why People Use Picture Rails?

Picture rails are decorative moldings used to hang artwork and other wall decorations. They are typically found along a room’s upper walls. The benefit of employing picture rails is that they shield the wall from harm and offer a place to hang artwork without the need for hooks or nails.

Plus, it is quite easy for you to install and it just takes a few screws but make sure you check the picture rail height so that it will give an elegant touch to your room.Additionally, the rail gives you a place to neatly hang a variety of goods and is a terrific way to move art across a room or between rooms.

Is it possible to have coving and a picture rail?

It is possible to combine coving with a picture rail, yes. A picture rail can be used to add more intricacy to your coving and can be used as a base to hang decorations such as art, mirrors, and other items.

When installing coving with an image rail, the rail should be installed last and the coving comes first. Make sure the coving and rail are mounted to the wall equally for the greatest appearance. As any spaces will be particularly noticeable, make sure that all of the corners are neatly finished.

How High Ought a Picture Rail to be Hung?

A picture rail should be installed at a height of about three and a half feet (42 inches) off the ground. This is typically regarded as the optimal height for comfortably seeing pictures, while the exact height might differ depending on the height of the ceiling and the size of the room.

When hanging paintings over pieces of furniture, such as

  • a sofa
  • console table

the picture rail height should match the height of the furniture, which is typically between two and three feet, to ensure that the artwork is hung at a suitable viewing height.

A Picture Rail—Is It Outdated?

That depends on how one defines “old fashioned” in their mind. If one is seeking a historical definition, picture rails are indeed quite dated because they were first used in grand homes and palaces in the 1600s.

However, if one is talking about current design, picture rails are frequently employed in traditional or classic home decor, but there is also a rising trend in using picture rails to create more modern looks.